Saturday, September 7, 2013

Grandparent's Day Rocked!!!

We had an AWESOME grandparent's day!!!  We literally had some grandparents crying when they left saying "This was the best day.  We feel so special and love you guys already!"  AWWWW!  That absolutely made our day.

So if you haven't already celebrated your Oldies but Goldies---here's what we did!  Hope you can snag an idea or two!

Every day leading up to the BIG DAY, we completed a different activity to get ready for our G-Parents!

Monday - NO SCHOOL-Labor Day Holiday!

Tuesday -We modeled coloring in their coupon books and they worked independently to cut them out and illustrate the books.

Wednesday - Read The Ultimate Guide to Grandmas and Grandpas.  This is a super cute book about how the grand kids have to get the grandparents to "take naps" and "remember to look both ways before crossing the street".  Then we got the kids thinking about something special THEY do with their grandparents.  Then we showed them the "My Grandparents and I" sheet we had created.  They drew their picture and then we helped them sound out the words working 1 on 1.  (We then scanned these in and turned them into a Power Point slide show for the g-parents!)

Thursday - We modeled completing the poems for their grandparents on our Activboard.  Then they worked independently to complete their own.  We circulated around the room to assist with blending words.  These might just be our FAVORITE part!

Friday - We modeled how to play "Roll a Grandpa/Grandma" with our kiddos for morning work.  We planned on playing with our g'parents if we had some extra time...which we that turned out great!

8:30 am Breakfast and Coffee By The PTA
8:45 am  Guest Speaker
9:00-9:30 am Classroom Visits

9:00-9:06 - We watched a 6 minute Slide Show we made using all of the pictures we have taken of the kiddos so far this year.

9:06-9:20 - The kiddos shared their "My Grandparents and I" slide show.

9:20-9:45 - The kiddos gave their grandparents their coupon books and poems and then they played "Roll a Grandpa/Grandma".  It was so stinkin' precious watching our grandparents pile up on the floor, at the tables, anywhere they could find---and play this game with their littles!  I swear we were smiling from ear to ear watching them!  And as you can see from the time frame above---we MAAAYBE went a WEE bit over the predetermined time allotment!  I am telling you...they DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE!!!

It really was a great day!

The activities above can be found in our
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We hope you and your g'parents have an awesome day together!  They truly are a reason to celebrate!