Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bird Unit: 50% Through the Weekend

I so LOVE spring!  Truly...the grass turning green, the azaleas blooming, and the songbirds singing.  Thus the inspiration for this non-fiction unit all about SPRING BIRDS!  I did TONS of research for this non-fiction unit and learned so much in the process.

Where do birds live?
Most people answer "In a nest!" ...including myself when I first started my research.  But alas, I was wrong!  Kids will be excited to find out so much new and engaging  information about hummingbirds (They are the ONLY birds that can fly joke!), wrens, woodpeckers, chickens, finches, and robins.  The unit has REAL photographs throughout to keep kiddos' interest!

Here's a peek at some of the goodies you'll find!

We tried to make the unit super simple to use by breaking down each of the activities into categories:
Building Knowledge
Recording Information
Checking for Understanding
...and Free Choice!

There are TONS of resources and teaching tools...over 100 pages!  

This unit will sell for $8.00, but it will be discounted through the weekend for $4.00!

If it looks FUN and ENGAGING to you...please leave a comment!  We'll choose 2 of you to WIN this pack!  Be sure and leave your email in the comments too!