Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Measurement Pack Winners and a FREEBIE!

Thank you SOOO much to everyone who left us a comment to enter our Measurement Math Pack giveaway!  We LOVED reading all of them and appreciate your comments!

We drew our 2 lucky winners---and---they---are---

Melinda and Bethany!

Wahoo ladies!  We hope you love our new measurement math pack.

But...it's no fun NOT to win---so everyone gets a little something!

Many of you commented that the TOWER GRAB looked fun and you thought your littles (boys especially) would enjoy it!  So...it's yours...all of you---FOR FREE!  We hope you enjoy it!

And if you missed our last post about our newest pack...here's the quick peek!

Thanks so much!  Hope you are having an awesome week!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Measurement Math Pack - Comment to Win!

FINALLY!!!!  Oh...my...word...I didn't think we were EVER gonna get finished with our last common core math unit in the series of 5!  It's just been a zoo around here...kiddos in baseball and soccer, trainings and workshops, special school events...the end of the year is coming at us FULL SPEED!

We know some of you will be wrapping things up at the end of May like us, but some of you won't be finishing up until late June.   Hopefully, you'll still have plenty of time for this unit to work for you and your kiddos!  Thank you SO MUCH to all of you hanging in there with us until we finally finished it up!

This unit is the final math unit we'll be creating.  These 5 units (Counting and Cardinality, Numbers to 20, Shapes, Addition and Subtraction, and Measurement) encompass EVERY SINGLE kindergarten common core standard and are chock full of games, printables, activities, lesson ideas, stations, centers, and more.  We have absolutely LOVED these units and they have worked so PERFECTLY in our own 2 rooms.  We feel like our kids have truly become mathematical thinkers in EVERY way!

This last math unit focuses on measureable attributes including length, height, weight, and capacity.   Check out the pictures to get an idea of what's included.

Quick Peek!
(Click on any of the images to grab this at our TPT store!)

Longer Peek!

Well...that's it!  We have finally wrapped up our Common Core Math Series!

We hope you love the pack!

Please leave us a comment and let us know if you have used any of our other packs or what you like best from this pack! 

We'll pick 2 winners to get this MEASUREMENT MATH PACK for FREE from all the comments below!  Wahoo!  We love FREE!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Fun Times and Scientists!

Hi Friends!! It feels like forever since I have blogged! Oh wait, it has been forever!

Poor Cristy has been working her fingers to the bones while I again went OFF the GRID for a while. I am not great at staying home on a week vacation or longer. We had to head off to the beach with the fam and no Internet! It was a fun week in the sun (most of the week). Then, we ended our week with an awesome evening wedding at our family farm. Here are a couple of pictures.

So, that was last weekend! Where have we been since then? Well, Cristy has been super duper busy working on the Measurement Unit for Common Core- Unit 5! It is going to be AMAZING!! It will definitely be worth the wait. You know how it is, you have to ponder what to put in the pack then you have to pack it full with everything that we or you may need!! 

Also, Cristy has been planning and then spending an AWESOME weekend with her HUBBY! It was a perfect BIRTHDAY SURPRISE, any man's dream weekend! What man wouldn't enjoy going to a clay course where you use a golf cart to get from target to target and shoot 'em up with your HONEY!!  Check out the cute lovebirds :)! That was just the beginning of their weekend adventure, but I will let Cristy fill you in on the rest of the trip :). I probably am in trouble for spilling these beans already!

Sorry if you came here for an educational blog and we are filling it full of personal FUN TIMES, but I couldn't help but share.
On to our Super Scientists. After the week long unit, my student teacher, Mrs. Kari, taught on Living and Non-Living, she ended it with an awesome performance task. Where did she get this idea for the task???? Where else, Teachers Pay Teachers. Thanks so much for the awesome idea.
The kiddos were sent out as SCIENTISTS to observe and record 6 things. They had to find living and non-living things on the playground. The kiddos had a blast and their work was FABULOUS!! Check them out. I will be adding a shout out and link to the  Unit we got this idea from tomorrow.

Glad to be back blogging! We'll be blogging again very soon! We have lots to share. Next up will be fun stuff about our unit on living things! If you have any great ideas, let us know!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Giveaway Time!!!

Where did the time go?  Really...where?  Only 1 day left of our Spring Break!  AAAAAAAAHH!

So I promised the kiddos that I would PEEL myself away from the computer (I promise I am almost finished with Math Unit 5 on measurement...I'm sorry I have  been so stinkin' slow!  It's Spring's fault!) and do something that's just good old FUN today!

So in order to keep that promise...here's a quickie post sharing a super 100 product giveaway with you!  Nicole over at Mrs. Rios Teaches Second Grade is hosting an awesome giveaway that she has so kindly divided up by grade level. Wahoo!

There is a giveaway package for each grade level from K to 4th grade!  AWESOME!  Now you can only enter in the package or two that you think will work best for your kiddos.

Heads up!  Our Ice Cream Sundae FUN-Days pack is actually included in the 1st GRADE GIVEAWAY since it's geared to K-2!  Be sure and enter her 1st Grade Package Giveaway for a chance to win it!

Good luck and enjoy this glorious Saturday!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beach Fun-Days--- and a FREEBIE!

Only 3 more days of Spring Break---trying to make the most of it with a little work mixed with a little fun!

Went to see GI Joe: Retaliation with the family.  Did I happen to mention that I live in a household full of boys and I haven't seen a chick flick in years...years, I tell you!  Good thing I am not too girly of a girl so I don't miss it all that much.  Anyway...have you seen all the hotties they put in these "action" movies anyway...Channing Tatum (Duke), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Evans (Captain America)...I mean--- really..it could be a LOT worse on a woman! ;)

Worked in the yard weeding, trimming crape Myrtles, Hawthornes, Tea Olives, Lirope..., cleaning off the deck.  So this part is kinda work and kinda fun.  We love hanging in our yard, playing with the kiddos, kitty, and pup...so this felt like FUN work!

Family was down from Indiana.  We ate, and ate, and then ate some more just to make sure there was ABSOLUTELY NO room LEFT!!!  Then we hunted eggs, played games, scrapbooked, and just hung out. Nice!

Anyway...all this leads me full circle back around to "Do Something Productive" time!  

We finished updating our Ice Cream Sundae pack last week and posted it earlier.  Yay!

Now we moved on to my favorite....BEACH DAY!!!!  Oh---my---word!  That place is just a glorious smorgasbord of beauty, fun, sun, and more!  LOVE me some beach!!!

We had our beach day last year with our kiddos (to get us prepped for the REAL deal that would be coming  just DAYS after we ran shouting from the school..."It's Summmmmmer Breeeeaaakkk!") and I tell you it was just SO MUCH FUN!

We worked those poor babies so hard that they didn't even have TIME to misbehave that last week.  And the best part...it was FUN!  They wanted MORE!  They didn't even know we were tricking them! ;)  Sneaky teachers...making learning fun and all!

They looked so stinking cute too.  They came to school is flip-flops, shorts, tees with smiling suns, surfboards, and sharks.  They wore their beach hats, sunglasses...it felt like a party at the beach...well...minus the sand, water, palm trees...but you get the picture!

We worked!  Creative writing, asking friends what their favorite beach activity was, graphing, problem solving.

Then we worked some more!  Beach ball subtracting, poetry writing, beach ball toss reviewing.

Then, well then, we partied like it was 1999!!!  We brought out the broom, um limbo stick, and tried to see "How Low Can We Go"?  (You wouldn't believe how limber those littles were!)!  We snacked!  (cupcakes, Swedish fish, beach umbrellas, and sugar...need I say more?)  We jammed to some beach tunes!

And BRRRRRIIINNNNGG!  Before we had our party rocking, it was time to go home!  WHAT???  That was painless---productive---down right FUN!

People---a miracle happened that day!  Page and I learned to LOVE the last week of school!!!  The littles weren't cray-cray at all.  They were FUN and FOCUSED!  LOVE!

Alas, when I looked back at the Beach Pack we used with our kiddos last year, I felt sad for them!  We thought it was good then, but now---well now it made us want to cringe!  So...upgrade time!

The updated pack has new graphics, a much better layout, 20 new activities and printables, and ideas for snacks, games, and other fun stuff.  We hope this will make your life a little easier too!

Quick Peek!  
You can grab this at our TPT store by clicking any picture!

Long Peek! :)

Please let us know what you think!

We also have several other End of School Theme Days available in our store!
Ice Cream Sundae Fun Days - Game Days - Popcorn Days - Bubble Days

(We are still working on updating the Game Day and Bubble Day packs.  We should have that done in the next week or so.  If you buy those now, you can download the updated versions for FREE!)

Here's a little FREEBIE for sticking with me all the way
 to the end of the post!  We really do appreciate you reading 
our blog, commenting, and sharing all the great things
 going on in your own rooms!

Hope you are having a super week!  Summer will be here before we know it!  Wa-hoo!!!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


LOVE me some Farley!  Every month I can't wait to read everyone's currently.  Some are serious, some thoughtful, some end with whatever I am drinking coming out of my nose from laughter!  Love them all!

So...here goes!

Obviously I have a crush!  A BIG one.  I am pretty sure I have included Maroon 5 or Adam Levine in the last several Currently's.  I'm sorry people!  I don't usually go for the skinny pale sort of fellow that's all tatted up!  But people...there's just something about this cat that me likey!  My littlest little and I can belt out some serious Payphone I tell you!  BTW, is it wrong that my little is singing "You and I go hard at each other like we going to war...???"  Thank goodness he's too busy jamming to notice a THING that man sings! ;)

Spring Break---no school for a week, leisurely drinking coffee on the front porch in the spring breeze, sleeping in, hanging with the fam---need I say more!  Ahhhhhhhh!

Seriously---where is the control?  Just ONE---MORE---REESE'S---EGG.  I need help!  Seriously! Help!  Step away from the chocolate!

Where, oh, where is that darn fairy?  This house is a WRECK!!!  I just keep pretending I don't see it, but it's getting harder and harder not to trip over the piles!

Do you know Shaun T?  If you do not, please let me take this opportunity to introduce you.  He is a mean, sadistic "muscle"y man that comes on your TV--- IF you are insane enough to push the play button.  He will yell at you, make you want to puke, and cause you to sweat like a pig!  Really!  No joke!  He's really pretty awesome once you spend a month or so with him because then you don't hurt so much, and wince in pain from any sudden movements...because----well---those things called muscles start actually taking shape if you'll only listen to the crazy man!  I did it once before, but then I got lazy and I broke up with Shaun T.  Now...I am crawling back!  Cause you know why?   Cause feeling like a can of popped biscuits---you know what I mean---it ain't fun!

Lastly...be happy now!  I forget this sometimes.  I'll think "I'll be happy when I loose 10 pounds" or "If I can just get this house clean, I'll be happy".  But then I remember there is SO MUCH to be thankful for every second of every day.  BE HAPPY NOW!!!!  Don't waste another minute waiting for it!  

So---there it is!  How did I do?  Hope you enjoyed this little version of Farley's Currently!  Be sure and stop by Oh' Boy 4th Grade to check out all of the other super Currentlys!  

Be sure to check out our last post too.  We just updated our End of School Theme Day Pack:  Ice Cream Sundae FUN-days!  Leave a comment for a chance to win the pack!