Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Instagram Giveaway Winners...and Periscope!

Oh my goodness!  We finally decided to be productive and just finished up our newest 
Science Flip Flap book for Our Five Senses!  

And what better way to celebrate some productivity than by giving a couple of them away!!  Now if you don't follow us on Instagram, don't worry because we are going to choose TWO winners from our blog too!  Leave us a comment below and let us know what you like best about the book or give us suggestions to make it better.  We'll choose 2 folks to get this for FREE and we'll send it to you later this week!

For now, we better announce the IG winners!!!

Thanks so much for following our blog, Instagram, Pinterest...and NOW...you can also find us on Periscope!!!

If you haven't discovered this highly addictive form of social media already, then trust me...you want to.  You'll get to see live video broadcasts (called Scopes) from your favorite teacher bloggers.  You even get to comment and interact with the teacher as well as with the teachers who join that particular scope.  If you haven't joined yet, you can download the PERISCOPE app on your phone and then you are all set.  

You can follow us by searching for "kindergartensquared".  We haven't added a button to our blog yet, so sorry there are no direct links just yet!

Oh...and did I mention that you have no time to loose, because once a scope goes live...it's only available to view for 24 HOURS and then POOF...it's gone!  Eeek!  

Have fun!!!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Currently... It's What We're Up To!

What the hey?  Who the what? Could someone please explain to me what happened to June!!! Yesterday we were all friendly and today...gone!!!

I can---not---believe---1 month is already GONE!  Gone, I tell you!

So I am hoping I am getting a little empathy here, because the hubs won't hear of it.

He says I'm whiny.

He says "real people" jobs don't get 8 weeks!

He says he WISHED he got 8 weeks!

Well mister...don't confuse me with the FACTS!!!!  Summer is slipping through my hands...gah!!

Good news though!  I LOVE MY JOB!!!! so it's perfectly fine that I'll be going back in a few short weeks.

But too bad for me because I will have to break up with my bed, my pajamas, my coffee cup, The Chew, my books, the beach, the pool, and ALL my other SUMMER LOVES!!!!

So...here's what I am up to this July!

LISTENING:  Crazy, right?  I know!  Peace and Quiet is pretty unheard of around these parts in the summer!  So I am more than happy to soak up every minute of it when I get the chance!

LOVING:  I honestly am excited, scared to death, star struck, freaking out, elated, prepared, unprepared, hesitant, and ecstatic ALL at the same time!  Page can't make it this year, and I couldn't go last year.  So I won't have my team TPT partner there to soak it all in with me.    I can't wait to meet all of the blogging friends I have made over the years and meet some of my favorite TPT sellers too, but lordy I am nervous about meeting them ALL AT ONCE!  I know it will be a little overwhelming!  And I am feeling like Farley too...will I wear the "right clothes"?  Will I see some people I "know" and will they even recognize me?  Will I get lost in that HUGE hotel?  I have GOT to get outta my head, and just enjoy the ride!!!!

THINKING:  I keep checking off the boxes and just when I think I have most everything done, I think of 10 more things.  But...who cares...because I am just READY to go!  Remember...I'm along for the joy ride! ;)

WANTING:  Seriously...where the heck did June go???? 

NEEDING:  I am SOOOOO excited about my soon-to-be home makeover!  We moved into our new house 10 years ago.  We went with a Tuscan theme, and to be honest...I truly loved it!  The hubs...not so much!  So now we are both ready for a change...technically the hubs has been ready for 10 years!!!  We both decided we liked the whole FARMHOUSE thing that we are seeing here and there.  We especially LOVE some of the design styles we see over at Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour and over at Decor Steals.   This led us both to decide that since we finally agreed on a new style...it was time to get busy.  My formal living room in-house storage unit is ready to be cleared out.  But first..there needs to be some serious painting done around here.  I'm hoping I'll get some FOCUS once I return from Vegas!  Who knows, maybe I'll win BIG on the slots and I can hire folks to get it done for me!!!  

ALL STAR:   I'm not ALWAYS in a perfect mood, but I DO try very hard to find the bright spot in things.  If a kiddo is having a bad day, I look for the one good thing going on and try to build from that.  If a co-worker comes over frustrated that the copier is broken or the office staff won't cooperate, then I tell them they "get the morning off" and we'll hit it again later in the day.  When they come in my room cranky...I try to send them out laughing with a smile on their face.  Now don't get me wrong...sometimes I'M the cranky one, but I really do try hard to lift others up around me.  Life's too short to be finding only lemons all the time...gotta make some lemonade!

So that's it for now.  Off to VEGAS tomorrow!!!!  EEEEEKKKK!

Thanks again to the WONDERFUL Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade for this amazing monthly linky party!  It's always FUN and a great way to find NEW folks to follow!!!