Saturday, September 28, 2013

Giveaway Time!

It's giveaway time over at Primary Inspiration!

Linda is celebrating her followers with 2 great packs.  One for K-2 and another for 3-5.  Hopefully there is something for everyone!  So head on over and enter!
We are giving away our Fall Into Building Numbers to 20 Common Core Math Pack! 

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Friday, September 27, 2013

HOTS= A Sight for Sore Eyes and Na--Na--NaNa-Can't Touch This!

Apologies for the very nerdy, hopefully not too boring, report on science!
You know this nerdy, science blog post was written by the very nerdy half of kindergarten Squared!!
Stop reading here if you are trying to say awake for a while or KEEP READING if you want to hear about some cool science in kindergarten!

Anyway, while Cristy and  I are totally enjoying the crisp, cool Fall Football weather, we are burning HOT in the classroom!

HOT, otherwise known as Higher Order Thinking is that all important, researched based method for getting those kiddos to dig deep into the content and think about how they know things and why things are the way they are. Confused now, right??

If you are having a hard time integrating HOT into your daily lessons, just get to that science. Science is one area where the kiddos have blast making their brain grow while thinking deeply!

We are continuing our work on our 5 Senses, you know our Super Powers that help us learn about the world.

Today, was really a SIGHT for SORE EYES!! It was awesome. We reviewed our 5 senses, then discussed in detail what we need to see and all of the things we can notice just by looking at things.

The kiddos said, "We can see...
color, shapes, sizes, patterns, pretty things, ugly things and much, much more.

We then discussed that scientists often pose a question. So we posed the question, "What happens when things/people get further away?"  Then, the kiddos discussed with a friend what they thought. They decided that things would shrink.

So we generated a hypothesis (an idea you can test). One of my friends said, "Things that get far away will look like they are tiny."

What now? We tested that. Two kiddos kept getting farther and farther away. After testing, we discussed what we saw. We always incorporate HOT questions into science by constantly and continuously asking...


After our experiment with sight, it was time to experiment with the sense of TOUCH! We followed the same steps:
Ask a question
Generate a hypothesis
Test It 

We asked, "Will you know what something is if you touch it?"

Our hypothesis was: You can know what something is if you touch it.

How did we test it?

We used the same 5 Senses Unit from Jessica Rosace as seen below for an awesome recording form.

Before you start: Create mystery bags. Enough so that students can work with a partner and each group has a bag to work with. Example, we each have 20 kids in our classroom. So, we made 10 bags so that each pair has a place to work. However, there were only 6 recording spaces. No Worries!  The kiddos only need to feel a total of 6 objects. For each of the 6 objects, the kiddos should describe what they feel, record what they think it is, then peek and record if they were correct, 

The only reason we had 10 bags instead of 6 was purely for classroom management!! Everyone needs a place to begin and everyone needs to constantly be engaged!

The kiddos had an absolute blast. After working in partners, we reconvened as a class. We had 1 friend, who was blindfolded describe one of the objects in the bag and discussed as a class. We just did this for a recap and ending discussion on our hypothesis. 

Hope you try some of these fun experiments out! Let us know what you do to get your kiddos excited about science!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Fever! Ready to JUMP in!

Wahoo!  I sooooo love FALL!  The weather is already turning. Nights are getting cooler.  Air is crisper! Football season is in FULL swing!  (Goooooo DAWGS...please spank some LSU tigers this weekend!!!) Fires are blazing in the pit outside!  Smores (well---to be honest---peeps in this case!  You know, the Easter blue chicks. Seriously! You would be surprised what I'll resort too when I need a smores fix!!!  Don't knock it until you are ridiculously desperate and can find NOTHING else until you try it!  That sugar caramelizes on the outside and it makes for an interestingly tasty treat!) are being roasted!  FALL--- it's just a beautiful thing! direct response to MY personal FALL FEVER...we created a pack with the same loving name!  It's 40 pages of goodies that you can use to bring the fall fever right into your classroom.  The pack is in the same spirit as our letter word work packs chocked full of literacy activities that are perfect for small group work, centers, stations, or in our case ---Daily 5 work work!
Click ANY picture to head to our TpT store to grab the pack!

Here's the whole kit and caboodle!

As always, please leave us a comment and let us know what you think.  Anything in particular you like, something we should add, your favorite thing about fall...

We'll choose 2 winners to snag this pack for FREE!

Hope you get the FALL FEVER bug soon---if it hasn't bitten you already! ;)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Whose Nose Knows???

Hi Friends!  We teach our kiddos that when we learn about the world around us, we are learning SCIENCE!!

We love science! Our non-fiction books about science concepts integrate so nicely into our cafe reading time. However, making time for science experiments is a MUST and a CHALLENGE!

As we always say, "We give something up everyday for something else!" By the way, we don't even nap or rest in our classes because there is just not enough time :). So much to do and so little time to do it.

We also teach our kiddos that kindergarteners have 5 super powers that they use to learn about the world! Our discussion about what the 5 super powers could be was awesome! It didn't take our kiddos long to figure out that our 5 super powers are the same as our 5 senses.

Check out the link below for a fun song about the 5 senses!

We use this unit as an intro into science and the kiddos absolutely have a blast. They ask every day, "Are we doing science today?"

Today's science experiment with SMELLY things was super fun and funny! The faces on the kiddos as they smelled a couple of our smelly jars was PRICELESS!

To get ready, create some smelly jars and copy the recording sheet from Jessica Rosace's 5 Senses Unit!
If you want her Smelly recording form as well as many other activities and forms, check out her entire 5 Senses unit!

This Experiment was super easy! We asked the kiddos, "Whose nose, knows the smell?" They had to discuss how they could find out and then they got busy SMELLING, recording and discussing.

We cut up a lemon, an orange, dill pickles, and onions and put them in individual, small opaque containers.
We also put some bubble gum, crushed cookies, chocolate bar, vinegar, cinnamon sticks, and a dryer sheet in individual, opaque containers.
Then we covered the contents of each container with a cotton ball and let them sit throughout the day.

Wow!! Those were some serious smells! The kiddos each had a recording sheet and went from jar to jar smelling the contents. They drew a picture and labeled what they thought was in the jar and drew a smiley/frownie depending on if they liked the smell or not. Finally we passed the jar one at a time, discussed the students' guesses, and showed the true contents of the jar!!!

Hope you had  a fabulous Monday!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sight Words made EASY! - and a FREEBIE!

Sight words!  They are a BIG deal---a really BIG deal---a HUGE we gotta learn these words to read kinda deal.

We jump right in and begin introducing sight words from the get go.  We usually start with SEE.  They can easily write a MILLION sentences if they know this word.  Most all of them know I and a so throw in SEE and what do ya' got???  "I see a ...(choose about 1/2 the words in the English language and you are good to go)"  Endless possibilities for writing!!! ain't the most creative writing, but once the kiddos see the POWER of words, they get hooked pretty fast!

So to make it really meaningful for the littles and FUN too, here's what it looks like in our room.

We use Orton-Gillingham Phonics.  If you don't use it...BEG, PLEAD, and otherwise promise to give your first born to your administrators if they will send someone to the OGP training!  It is the GREATEST thing E--VAH!  (It's basically a multi-sensory approach to phonics instruction!)

Not a paid advertisement...just love those people!...

Now onto what it looks like in our room!  We show them the new sight word printed on card stock.  We let them look at it, think it over, and ask if anyone thinks they have a guess.  Then we "tap it out".  Basically that means we hold out the arm we DO NOT write with and we use the other arm to "tap out the letters".  We say "s-e-e spells see".  We touch our shoulder for the first letter, our elbow bendy spot for the second letter, and our wrist for the last letter.  Then we sweep from shoulder to wrist when we say "spells see".  This is great for your auditory and kinesthetic learners.

Then we do cheer cards for each word.  There are a MILLION places to find cheer cards.  Here are a few we made up on our own.  Grab this FREEBIE at our TpT store!

We usually draw about 3 or 4 cards to practice the word.  So if we pulled Karate Chop, then we would all stand up, get into our best karate stance, and then chop as we say each letter.  When we say "spells see (or whatever sight word you are working on) we karate kick, then finish it off by yelling HY-AH!  We repeat each chant 3 times before we pick a new card.  THEY LOVE THESE STINKIN' CARDS!

Seriously...they BEG to do these!  These are great for auditory and kinesthetic learners too!

After that we practice thinking up some sentences using the new sight word.  I'll write the sentences on the dry erase board or Activboard.  I write any sight word in RED and all other words in BLACK!  This helps them quickly see the POWER in knowing their sight words!

For our last activity, we use these word sheets we created for Fry words 1-100 and 101-200.  First we have them back write the word on their neighbor.  Then they finger trace it on the paper.  Next we let them pick their colors and rainbow write the word.  (3 or 4 colors works perfectly).  Then they use a pencil to trace the words.  Next they will try it out on their own.  Then we circle the new sight word in the sentence together.  We let them try to read it on their own first, then we'll look for sight words together and blend other words until we have the sentence figured out.  We work on tracking left to write and counting the words in the sentence.  We used a mixture of punctuation marks throughout the pages so we could hit that standard too!  Next they will illustrate the sentence.  And finally, they will use their new sight word to write their own sentence.
Fry Word 1-100 Pack on TpT!           Fry Word 101-200 Pack on TpT!

These sheets are the BOMB DIGGITY, because we teach like 100 standards all in one big sha-bang!  OK so maybe not a hundred, but A BUNCH!

They cover a TON of Common Core ELA standards like sight words, tracking left to right, writing simple sentences, handwriting, blending and using sight words to read, punctuation and capitalization, illustrations, name it!

Our kiddos are learning their words super fast.  And no they are not ALL jumping on the sight word bandwagon just yet.  It will take time for some of them, but many of them have hit the ground running and they are on FIRE for sight words!

Hope these cheer cards can help you get your babies excited about sight words!  Let us know what great things YOU do to help your littles learn these words!

Disclaimer---Please DO NOT beat us after you have tried this with your kiddos for the first time!  You will WANT to beat us, you may want to pull our hair, or kick us in the shins, but please resist!  The first couple of sheets you do with them will be SLAP TORTURE!  To make it a bit easier, we do the first several together.  I show it on the Activboard and annotate over it and we complete the sheet together.   But then all the sudden by the 4th sheet or so, the clouds part, the sun shines, birds sing...and they will GET IT!  Then it's smmmmooootth sailing from there!  You will LOVE us again and you will feel bad if you kicked us!  :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Cooperation...NOT so much!

Cooperation!  It's a good thing.  It's a wonderful thing.  20 sweet little students all holding hands, singing Kumbaya, sharing materials with a smile, telling each other "Good job!", skipping together hand in hand...

I mean, really---isn't EVERY room just like this!  YEAH, RIGHT!

I had you fooled for a minute there.  You thought, "WOW! This woman must be perfect.  Her room sounds so great!  What perfect little kiddos!"

Now...let's flash to a REAL day in kindergarten---at least in the early days!

Cooperation!  It's a 4 letter word!  20 sweet little students refusing to hold hands cause well, "She's a giiiirrrrrl.", singing fart songs, snatching materials because "I had it FIRST!", telling each other "I am NOT your friend.  You CUT in line. That's MY pencil.", skipping along and crashing into others because well "They were in my way!"

Does that sound more like it?

Well---in steps the awesome counselor ready to help build that much needed skill of almost every 5 year old I know!

Today Mrs. R came in to help us learn about how to respect one another and work TOGETHER to get things done.  She had 3 really FUN activities planned for us.

First Up:  Parachute Toss (forgot to take pics of this one!)
I mean honestly, what kiddo doesn't LOVE parachute games?  They were all clapping and smiling and so stinkin' excited to get their hands on that thing!  She tossed about 6 bean bags on there and first they had to work together to POP those bad boys ALL over the place, but they had to keep them ON the parachute. Next they did the same thing, but they had to get them all OFF of it!

Next Up:  3 Legged Race
We paired off the kiddos and then used a scarf to tie their inside legs together.  Then Mrs. R found a spot in the room (it's a storage room so don't go thinking my class is all plain and boring and sad, so sad) and then the pairs played Red Light, Green Light.  (Just in case you don't know this game, when she says "green light" everyone can move.  When she says "red light" everyone has to stop.  If they are caught moving on a "red light" they have to go back and start over.)  She pumped it up a bit by moving her spot so that they never knew exactly which direction they needed to go and they had to change course often...thus making them really have to work together!

It was pretty easy to tell who wasn't really thinking about cooperation as soon as Mrs. R said GO!  One little whipper snapper was REEEVVVVING his engine and took off...leaving his partner in a tangled heap on the floor.  He joined her there pret-ty darn quickly!  Another 2 kiddos basically yelled and hollered and gave a few "love taps" when the other wouldn't listen and do what THEY said!  BUT...and this is a happy BUT...BUT some of them GOT IT!  They started linking hands, wrapping their arms around each other, helping one another up if they did get tangled up, and I swear---I think I may have even heard a couple of them singing Kumbaya!

Last But Not Least: The Ball Pass
The kiddos got in a single file line.  The front person starts with a ball in their hand and then passes it over their head to the next friend.  They keep passing until they don't drop it any.  Sounds easy enough, right? WRONG!  This was dang funny to watch.  That ball was on heads because apparently some of them forgot we were playing the game and they were TOTALLY not watching for their turn.  Some of them maybe forgot to PASS it and maybe THREW it a tiny bit and it crashed into people.  This game took some SERIOUS PRACTICE before they "got it".  Once they did, they got good enough that we added a 2nd ball and they had to make sure the 2 balls never caught up to each other.

ALL in ALL...really a great lesson to teach cooperation.  This can be a tough skill for littles to learn because, well let's face it, they are like Burger King "They want it their way!".  It's hard for them to always look outside of themselves and see the needs of others.  But alas, it was so AMAZING to watch their little hearts grow "2 sizes that day!".  Our little class community is bonding day by day and I don't think it will be long before we ARE holding hands, skipping, and singing Kumbaya!  Can I get an "AMEN!"

OK so maybe not ALL THAT, but we are finding our "happy place" little by little!  It will all come together!

Here's hoping you can use some of these great lessons on COOPERATION with your own littles!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

5 Senses - Whose Tongue Reigns Supreme?

What do you get when you cross 19 children, 5 "mystery items", and NO EYES allowed?  You get one dang HYSTERICAL time...oh---and some really good learning going on!

We started our 5 senses unit this past week!

Today we learned about the sense of TASTE!  We had 5 "mystery items" we had already portioned out into bite sized pieces.  Here's what we used.

Then we gave all the kiddos a recording sheet.  Then we made them promise to tell their eyeballs to STAY OUT of the experiment.  Do you know how hard that is for a 5 year old?  Hard!  As in---really Hard!  As in one kiddo even said "I am not even that good at keeping my eyes closed!"  HA!

Then we had them hold out 1 hand and cup it to await the first "mystery item".  They couldn't touch it with their other hand, or smell it, or "listen" to other senses could be used!  When we said "POP IT!", they were supposed to trust us FULLY and COMPLETELY and pop that little morsel RIGHT into their mouths...sight unseen!

Well---this went VERY well (with only a random peek or two here and there!)...UNTIL...wait for it---wait for it---UNTIL---we gave them a Sizzling Cinnamon Jelly Belly Jellybean for item #4!  Everything was all fun and games until the "FIRE" started burning!  They were waving hands, smacking lips, spitting out driblets of slobber and tiny particles of Jelly Beans---except for the few brave souls who said "More! More! Please!  I have taste buds of steel!"  or something very similar to that.

Anywho...I guess you can imagine they were just the TEENSY TINIEST BIT leery when "mystery item" #5 rolled around. kiddo actually REFUSED to hold out his hand to take it!  The 18 other brave souls said they were ALL IN and just go ahead and BRING IT Mrs. Fogle!

So I gave them CHOCOLATE!  That is very sweet of me---only did I mention that it was UNSWEETENED chocolate?  Well, in my defense...bitter stuff isn't SUPPOSED to taste good and well---I couldn't give them black coffee, could I? Plus, I knew they would be peeking FOR SURE on item #5 so it had to LOOK innocent enough!  Well those people DID NOT, I repeat DID NOT feel the love for bitter chocolate.  One of my too funny girls actually claimed she thought "mystery item" #5 was DIRT!  People, if you have not had any unsweetened chocolate in a while-DON'T!  That's ALL I have to say about that!  DON'T!

So all fun and games aside, they TRULY loved the whole thing.  They were actually wanting a "Mystery Item" #6! They were proud that their tongues were so smart and guessed ALL of the items correctly---even if they did set their mouths on FIRE and eat DIRT! ;)

PS --- If you love this activity, you can find it in a GREAT pack I purchased from Jessica Rosace on TpT called My 5 Senses Unit Plan!

Here's hoping you are having a HAPPY hump day!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Learning Celebrations- they make a difference!!!

Hi Friends! When I first moved back to Newnan 6 years ago and started teaching at Arbor Springs, Cristy taught me about the most awesome culminating activity for a unit of study. It is called the Learning Celebration! Thank you so much Cristy for teaching me how to get parents and kids more invested in our classroom and even more excited about learning!

Probably everyone already knows about a Learning Celebration, but in case you don't I'll explain :). Seriously how could I go 12 years, think I was a pretty good teacher and not know about a Learning Celebration??????

Well just in case you find yourself in the boat I was in several years ago and have not ever had  a Celebration, this is a MUST DO activity!  All you do is spend several weeks on a topic/unit like Living/Non-Living things, Author Study, Friendship, Community, Reading/ Writing Strategies, etc... Really it could be about anything.

Then you have your kiddos complete an activity like writing about the topic and then illustrating, creating a PowerPoint, using craft materials to make something and then write about it, etc.... This also can be anything.

So our first Learning Celebration was a huge success!! We spent the first several weeks learning that good readers can read books 3 ways; read the words, read the pictures and retell. We have also been learning that good writers' borrow ideas from books and that good citizens need rules to keep everyone safe and learning.

So, using the book No, David! by David Shannon, our kiddos had to brainstorm and discuss with a friend all the things they might do at their house to make their grown-ups yell, NO!  You should have heard some of these friends!! They are hilarious!! Check what some of our friends had to say!!

Well, for the celebration, all you have to do is announce the Learning Celebration in your newsletter or make a cute invitation inviting parents into your classroom. Don't forget to invite your administration! The parents love to see the support and the admin loves this type of parent involvement.

Cristy and I schedule our Learning Celebration at the beginning of the day so parents can just maybe go in a little for late to work.  The turn out for both of our classes was AWESOME!! Only 4 or  5 families from each class were missing.

So after you invite the parents, either take digital pictures of your kiddos work or scan their work, then put their pictures into a PowerPoint. If you don't have a projector and activeboard, then the kiddos could just make their pictures on large construction paper to hang or on chart paper.

When the grown-ups come in, we give a brief welcome and intro explaining what was taught and the project,  the kids share their work, then we can discuss any important things that we want parents to know   (like the new report card or incremental grading).

 Anyway after discussing our important info, we share a quick slide show with music of pictures we have been taking since school started! Everyone loves a Learning Celebration!!

Try one!! You'll love it!!
If you have had an awesome Learning Celebration tell us about it!!
If you have not had one, We challenge you to have your first!!! We have several a year, but start with one and you will be hooked! What topic will your first Learning Celebration cover???

Have  a great week!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Great Reads for Building Character and Friendship!

So Page's post got me thinking about my favorite back to school books that help build character and friendship.

I have to say it was hard to only choose a handful because I have so many favorites, but these, well these---they all make me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside!  They are great books to teach what TRUE friendship is and help you build a sweet little class community.

Many of them are pretty darn catchy/funny too (See Pout Pout Fish!) so they are definitely winners with the littles! goes some of my favorites.  Keep your favorites coming too.  We love adding to our collections from year to year.  I swear I do think I have a book addiction!  Pretty soon folks are going to say "Would you like some classroom to go along with those books?" ;)

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon - This is a sweet read about a little girl who might just be a bit different from others, but that doesn't stop her from seeing her faults as something pretty spectacular!  This little cutie knows how to take lemons and make lemonade!

My Friend Is Sad - Mo Willems is just awesome.  These Elephant and Piggie books are a HUGE hit with our kiddos.

Chrysanthemum - I LOVE THIS BOOK!  It is a great book for teaching how our words can really hurt others.  We always do the "crumpled heart" lesson with this book and leave the heart hanging up all year long.

Frog and Toad Are Friends - Toad does headstands, bangs his head against a wall, and paces on the front porch ALL to think of a story to help his friend Frog feel better.  Great example of what we do for the ones we love!

The Pout Pout Fish - LOVE!!!!  I love the catchy rhythm of this book.  The Pout Pout Fish is a pretty sullen fellow until he meets the RIGHT friend...and his whole attitude changes!

The Boy Who Wouldn't Share - What K kiddo doesn't need a lesson on sharing? ;)

A Visitor for Bear - Bear thinks he doesn't need anyone to make him happy, until a little mouse pops up in his cozy home.  After driving Bear nuts, the mouse wiggles his way right into bears heart and an unexpected friendship begins!

The Selfish Crocodile - It doesn't take long for Crocodile to realize he shouldn't always put himself first!

Ruthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie - Ruthie comes to realize that little lies can make your heart pretty heavy.  She finds that truth will set her free!

Well...hope you find some great new books to share with your kiddos!  Please keep your favorites coming!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Oh Big Brother! Friendship Journal

So, before we get busy with some K business, who saw Big Brother tonight?? Who do you want to win??? We don't know who we want to win, but we sure are glad they finally got Amanda out of that house! She was driving us crazy!!

What will we watch when this season is over?? Survivor? Bachelor? Bachelorette?
Surely there will be some awesome reality TV on that we can't live without! You know something to play in the background while we are blogging until weeeeeeeeeeeeee hours of the night :).

Moving on to some kindergarten business!!
Yay!! During Daily 5 we are finally about to give our kiddos some choice!!! Yahoo! We have built stamina for Read to Self and Work on Writing!! The kiddos will choose tomorrow which they would like to do during Daily 5 instead of being told which one they have to do!!  We know they are going to love choosing.

We knew it was time for choice when one student said, "Are we going to do any-fing else u-ver than Weed (Read) to Self? It is kinda getting bor-wing!"  

Oh TEACHERS let's just say "Here's your sign" or actually Here was OUR sign! Give those babies some choice!!

Now on to serious business! ELA Common Core Unit 1 is all about friendship. This unit incorporates lots of books about friendship. We have read books about Frog and Toad, books about Piggie and Elephant, and many other books about friendship!!! Let's compile a list of all our favorite books about good friends!!

What are your favorite books about Friendship???

Below is a Friendship Journal with some writing prompts. If you are interested, just click and grab!!

Please, give us some titles about friendship!! We are looking for books to add to our collection and Friendship Unit!
Have a great week!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Grandparent's Day Rocked!!!

We had an AWESOME grandparent's day!!!  We literally had some grandparents crying when they left saying "This was the best day.  We feel so special and love you guys already!"  AWWWW!  That absolutely made our day.

So if you haven't already celebrated your Oldies but Goldies---here's what we did!  Hope you can snag an idea or two!

Every day leading up to the BIG DAY, we completed a different activity to get ready for our G-Parents!

Monday - NO SCHOOL-Labor Day Holiday!

Tuesday -We modeled coloring in their coupon books and they worked independently to cut them out and illustrate the books.

Wednesday - Read The Ultimate Guide to Grandmas and Grandpas.  This is a super cute book about how the grand kids have to get the grandparents to "take naps" and "remember to look both ways before crossing the street".  Then we got the kids thinking about something special THEY do with their grandparents.  Then we showed them the "My Grandparents and I" sheet we had created.  They drew their picture and then we helped them sound out the words working 1 on 1.  (We then scanned these in and turned them into a Power Point slide show for the g-parents!)

Thursday - We modeled completing the poems for their grandparents on our Activboard.  Then they worked independently to complete their own.  We circulated around the room to assist with blending words.  These might just be our FAVORITE part!

Friday - We modeled how to play "Roll a Grandpa/Grandma" with our kiddos for morning work.  We planned on playing with our g'parents if we had some extra time...which we that turned out great!

8:30 am Breakfast and Coffee By The PTA
8:45 am  Guest Speaker
9:00-9:30 am Classroom Visits

9:00-9:06 - We watched a 6 minute Slide Show we made using all of the pictures we have taken of the kiddos so far this year.

9:06-9:20 - The kiddos shared their "My Grandparents and I" slide show.

9:20-9:45 - The kiddos gave their grandparents their coupon books and poems and then they played "Roll a Grandpa/Grandma".  It was so stinkin' precious watching our grandparents pile up on the floor, at the tables, anywhere they could find---and play this game with their littles!  I swear we were smiling from ear to ear watching them!  And as you can see from the time frame above---we MAAAYBE went a WEE bit over the predetermined time allotment!  I am telling you...they DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE!!!

It really was a great day!

The activities above can be found in our
Grandparent's Day Mini Unit for sale on TpT

 You can click on the image below to grab the 
"My Grandparent's and I..." writing paper for FREE!

We hope you and your g'parents have an awesome day together!  They truly are a reason to celebrate!