Monday, September 23, 2013

Whose Nose Knows???

Hi Friends!  We teach our kiddos that when we learn about the world around us, we are learning SCIENCE!!

We love science! Our non-fiction books about science concepts integrate so nicely into our cafe reading time. However, making time for science experiments is a MUST and a CHALLENGE!

As we always say, "We give something up everyday for something else!" By the way, we don't even nap or rest in our classes because there is just not enough time :). So much to do and so little time to do it.

We also teach our kiddos that kindergarteners have 5 super powers that they use to learn about the world! Our discussion about what the 5 super powers could be was awesome! It didn't take our kiddos long to figure out that our 5 super powers are the same as our 5 senses.

Check out the link below for a fun song about the 5 senses!

We use this unit as an intro into science and the kiddos absolutely have a blast. They ask every day, "Are we doing science today?"

Today's science experiment with SMELLY things was super fun and funny! The faces on the kiddos as they smelled a couple of our smelly jars was PRICELESS!

To get ready, create some smelly jars and copy the recording sheet from Jessica Rosace's 5 Senses Unit!
If you want her Smelly recording form as well as many other activities and forms, check out her entire 5 Senses unit!

This Experiment was super easy! We asked the kiddos, "Whose nose, knows the smell?" They had to discuss how they could find out and then they got busy SMELLING, recording and discussing.

We cut up a lemon, an orange, dill pickles, and onions and put them in individual, small opaque containers.
We also put some bubble gum, crushed cookies, chocolate bar, vinegar, cinnamon sticks, and a dryer sheet in individual, opaque containers.
Then we covered the contents of each container with a cotton ball and let them sit throughout the day.

Wow!! Those were some serious smells! The kiddos each had a recording sheet and went from jar to jar smelling the contents. They drew a picture and labeled what they thought was in the jar and drew a smiley/frownie depending on if they liked the smell or not. Finally we passed the jar one at a time, discussed the students' guesses, and showed the true contents of the jar!!!

Hope you had  a fabulous Monday!

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