Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sight Words made EASY! - and a FREEBIE!

Sight words!  They are a BIG deal---a really BIG deal---a HUGE we gotta learn these words to read kinda deal.

We jump right in and begin introducing sight words from the get go.  We usually start with SEE.  They can easily write a MILLION sentences if they know this word.  Most all of them know I and a so throw in SEE and what do ya' got???  "I see a ...(choose about 1/2 the words in the English language and you are good to go)"  Endless possibilities for writing!!! ain't the most creative writing, but once the kiddos see the POWER of words, they get hooked pretty fast!

So to make it really meaningful for the littles and FUN too, here's what it looks like in our room.

We use Orton-Gillingham Phonics.  If you don't use it...BEG, PLEAD, and otherwise promise to give your first born to your administrators if they will send someone to the OGP training!  It is the GREATEST thing E--VAH!  (It's basically a multi-sensory approach to phonics instruction!)

Not a paid advertisement...just love those people!...

Now onto what it looks like in our room!  We show them the new sight word printed on card stock.  We let them look at it, think it over, and ask if anyone thinks they have a guess.  Then we "tap it out".  Basically that means we hold out the arm we DO NOT write with and we use the other arm to "tap out the letters".  We say "s-e-e spells see".  We touch our shoulder for the first letter, our elbow bendy spot for the second letter, and our wrist for the last letter.  Then we sweep from shoulder to wrist when we say "spells see".  This is great for your auditory and kinesthetic learners.

Then we do cheer cards for each word.  There are a MILLION places to find cheer cards.  Here are a few we made up on our own.  Grab this FREEBIE at our TpT store!

We usually draw about 3 or 4 cards to practice the word.  So if we pulled Karate Chop, then we would all stand up, get into our best karate stance, and then chop as we say each letter.  When we say "spells see (or whatever sight word you are working on) we karate kick, then finish it off by yelling HY-AH!  We repeat each chant 3 times before we pick a new card.  THEY LOVE THESE STINKIN' CARDS!

Seriously...they BEG to do these!  These are great for auditory and kinesthetic learners too!

After that we practice thinking up some sentences using the new sight word.  I'll write the sentences on the dry erase board or Activboard.  I write any sight word in RED and all other words in BLACK!  This helps them quickly see the POWER in knowing their sight words!

For our last activity, we use these word sheets we created for Fry words 1-100 and 101-200.  First we have them back write the word on their neighbor.  Then they finger trace it on the paper.  Next we let them pick their colors and rainbow write the word.  (3 or 4 colors works perfectly).  Then they use a pencil to trace the words.  Next they will try it out on their own.  Then we circle the new sight word in the sentence together.  We let them try to read it on their own first, then we'll look for sight words together and blend other words until we have the sentence figured out.  We work on tracking left to write and counting the words in the sentence.  We used a mixture of punctuation marks throughout the pages so we could hit that standard too!  Next they will illustrate the sentence.  And finally, they will use their new sight word to write their own sentence.
Fry Word 1-100 Pack on TpT!           Fry Word 101-200 Pack on TpT!

These sheets are the BOMB DIGGITY, because we teach like 100 standards all in one big sha-bang!  OK so maybe not a hundred, but A BUNCH!

They cover a TON of Common Core ELA standards like sight words, tracking left to right, writing simple sentences, handwriting, blending and using sight words to read, punctuation and capitalization, illustrations, name it!

Our kiddos are learning their words super fast.  And no they are not ALL jumping on the sight word bandwagon just yet.  It will take time for some of them, but many of them have hit the ground running and they are on FIRE for sight words!

Hope these cheer cards can help you get your babies excited about sight words!  Let us know what great things YOU do to help your littles learn these words!

Disclaimer---Please DO NOT beat us after you have tried this with your kiddos for the first time!  You will WANT to beat us, you may want to pull our hair, or kick us in the shins, but please resist!  The first couple of sheets you do with them will be SLAP TORTURE!  To make it a bit easier, we do the first several together.  I show it on the Activboard and annotate over it and we complete the sheet together.   But then all the sudden by the 4th sheet or so, the clouds part, the sun shines, birds sing...and they will GET IT!  Then it's smmmmooootth sailing from there!  You will LOVE us again and you will feel bad if you kicked us!  :)


  1. Glad you like them! Hope they help you and your kiddos! We actually have FUN learning sight words now! :)

  2. I am very into whole brain teaching and try to incorporate motions I to learning. I love this idea for sight words.

  3. Why not sound it out? There are over 200 words that use 'ee' to spell that vowel sound. If you teach the kids that the spelling and the sound go together, it will be easier in the long run.
    In fact, I'm pretty sure 'been' is the only word in which the spelling 'ee' is used to represent a different phoneme (and even then, it's pronounced the same when spoken with a British accent).

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