Monday, April 14, 2014

Sugar Problem & Easter STEM Project-Comments?

Ha ha!! I am blogging while my 3 year old takes a late afternoon nap!! Probably not a great idea!! I wonder who will be up with him when he is swinging from the furniture at midnight!! ME!! Yay!!!

Here is a real problem! Help!!! Please!!! Hide anything and everything with sugar!! We went on an awesome Disney Cruise and ate every dessert imaginable (including yummy Mickey bars)!  The cruise is over, but I am still eating like I am on that fabulous boat, the Disney Dream!!

I really am about to go into sugar shock!! I feel awful, but I keep stuffing my face with M&Ms, Hershey Kisses, peanut butter brownies with butter cream frosting, Cadbury chocolate eggs!!!!   Any advice with my sugar problem???? Those sugary treats listed above were just from today!!

OK, sorry to ramble about personal problems!! How about a S.T.E.M. project to go with your Easter activities??

Cristy and I decided we love S.T.E.M. lessons and maybe we can write our own! Here is our first attempt at creating a S.T.E.M. lesson. Let us know what you think. We added an emergent reader to help set up the problem.

Poor Bobby the Bunny lost his basket. He has so many eggs to deliver to friends! How can we help???

We can make a new basket for Bobby the Bunny!  We can...
Design, Build, Test, Photograph, Evaluate and Redesign a basket to hold eggs for Bobby by using only paper and tape!!

Let us know if you found any great S.T.E.M lessons! Thanks for reading!!
Ahhh! 12 day count down until the Nashville Rock and Roll Marathon!! Feeling scared and excited!!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Author Study Projects

We just wrapped up one of our VERY favorite units of study....our Author Studies Bonanza!  We LOVE this unit for a million reasons.  We get to pick great books by some of our favorite authors, our kiddos will sit completely still and silent for ANY story time we do, they get to be extremely creative and crafty when creating their culminating learning celebration projects, and the parents LOVE to see the plays and puppet shows!
So here's how it works in our rooms.  We choose 2 or 3 authors to study.  Sometimes we pick ones we love, or we may pick ones that we can tell have quickly become the kiddos' favorite.  This year we chose Robert Munsch and Mo Willems.  I personally am in LOVE with both of these authors and the books crack me up!

We read TONS of books both out loud and on Tumblebooks.  We complete all kinds of great literacy activities like story maps, Venn diagrams, character trait studies, text to self activity sheets, and more.  We mix it up to keep the kiddos interested.

Then after several weeks of studying these books, we do a Mini-Project on The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch.  The kiddos work in groups of 3 and they choose to either present the story in a Puppet Show or Play.  We spend some time completing a story map for the book and then they have 2 days to create their puppets or costumes.  We let them go crazy in the art center and use WHATEVER materials they want.  The room looks like something blew up in there for a day or two...but it's all in the name of learning!

We then present our "trial run"plays and puppet shows to each other.  Once they get how this whole thing works, we move on to the REAL projects!  Again they may work in groups to perform one of the author study books as either a PUPPET SHOW or a PLAY.  They work with this group over the course of 1 week to complete the story map, design costumes/puppets, practice the performance, and tie up any loose ends.

Then we have the families in and CELEBRATE!

And the best part is, while we are having so stinkin' much fun working on all of these projects...we have covered a TON of language arts standards and had FUN doing it!!!  You can't beat that can't beat that!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Part 3: Interactive Sight Word Packs - Choose 1 FREE!

Part III: Interactive Sight Word Resources:
"everything but the kitchen sink" Activity Page!

This FREE pack is for the sight word COME!  We have been using these packs for about 2 months now and we are TOTALLY loving them!  They are really helping our kiddos remember how to read and write these tricky sight words!

So here is part 3!  You can check out Part I: Flap Books or Part II: Emergent Readers if you missed those posts!

Here's the 3rd activity we included... 
Sight Word Activity Page!

Click either image to grab the pack for FREE in our TpT store!

This sheet is great for giving your kids some REAL time working with the word.  This will help the word “stick” in their brains and works on MANY kindergarten standards such as letters, words, tracking, writing sentences, handwriting, syllables, and more. (LOVE hitting LOTS of standards in 1 go!) 

We have created individual packs for each sight word (We are up to about 40 words so far!).  Then if your kiddos are having a hard time with any particular word, you can get the pack that works on that word.

Many folks have requested we offer them at a HUGE savings in a bundle, and we've done that now too!

Please tell us what you think of this pack. Can you see it working for your kiddos?  Is there a standard/skill you would like to see included?  We would LOVE any feedback you can give us!

We hope you enjoy the freebie!  And if you have made it this can also leave a comment with your name, email address, and 1 more sight word you would like to try out for FREE!  We will email you that Interactive Sight Word Pack over the next few days!  We hope you enjoy!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Fever and STEM

Who has Spring Fever????? We do!! It is so beautiful here TODAY!! But what will it be like tomorrow??  This GA weather is crazy!!

SO we are gearing up for Spring Break!! We are trying to keep those ANGELS out of TROUBLE!! Of course they are always ANGELS and never in TROUBLE!! But just in case they think about getting ANTS in their PANTS, what are you guys doing to prevent disruptions???

Well friends, We are having a blast with STEM lessons!!!! What are we doing???

Working in cooperative groups to DESIGN, CONSTRUCT, TEST, MEASURE, and REFLECT!!!

We built houses for the 3 Pigs, bridges for the Gingerbread Man, towers for Repunzel, boats for the 3 Men in a Tub, and  traps for the leprechaun! Check out the fun!!

We asked the kids what they liked the best and most of them told us BUILDING!!
We also asked them what they liked the least and almost all of them told us it was hard COOPERATING!

Thank you Regina Davis for this super, awesome, fabulous pack!! We had tons of fun integrating language arts with STEM! Click the image below to link to this pack!

Happy Spring!! Yahoo for ALLERGIES, training for the Rock N Roll Marathon in Nashville, warm weather,  practicing for the kindergarten play and ASSESSING!!

Well we do love warm weather and training for the marathon is super exciting!! We ran 22 miles last weekend! Thank goodness that was the last of our runs in the 20s until April 26 when we run 26.2 (hopefully)!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

St. Patrick's Day STEM Lesson

St. Patrick's Day is almost here, so we thought why not turn one of our FUN activities into a STEM lesson! Our county  has put a HUGE emphasis on creating lessons that meet the STEM requirements.  (Lessons that integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  We have even seen STEAM lessons that add the ARTS to that list of requirements.

SOOO...we have been looking at some of our science lessons that we have been tweaking over the years, and many of them fit 3 of the STEM requirements.  All we needed to do was add a component here or there and we had a TON of STEM lessons on our hands.

So here's our St. Patrick's Day plan.  We always have the kiddos work with a partner to create a Leprechaun Trap.  We either set the traps the night before St. Patrick's Day or we set them after the little guy has come and done some mischief in our room.  Since St. Patrick's Day is on a Monday this year, we plan on setting them once we see he has crashed our room.

So...the plan!

Step 1:  The kiddos will work with a partner to plan, design, and build their Leprechaun Trap using classroom materials.  (This covers the ENGINEERING portion.)  They will record their plan on the sheet below.

Step 2:  We will evaluate each other's traps and talk about what we think may or may not work.  We will use terms such as longer, shorter, heavier, lighter, materials used, 5 senses (will he smell the gold candy coins you left for him...).  This will support the ENGINEERING portion and add in the MATH and SCIENCE portions as well.

Step 3:  We will take pictures of our traps.  (This is the 1st part of the TECHNOLOGY portion.)

Step 4:  We will wait!  Will we catch a Leprechaun?

Step 5:  We will check the traps the following day.  Were some of them sprung?  Did we catch a Leprechaun?  We will discuss our traps and talk about why we think they DID or DID not work.

Step 6:  We will choose 1 or 2 trap photographs to put into an Activboard flipchart.  We will then make notes on the photo of design changes we could make that may have made the trap more effective.  (This will really hit the TECHNOLOGY part right on the money and we will revisit ALL the other components too.)

Here's the Trap Design sheet we will be using!

You can find the trap design sheet and other St. Patrick's Day goodies in our 

And if you need a FUN game for St. Patrick's Day, 
you might want to grab our FREE CCVC Leprechaun Leap Game!

We hope you have a great weekend and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Compose/Decompose Numbers and Place Value

Hi!! We are back!!Wow! We have been missing for a while!!! Crazy times are just beginning!! We can't believe how fast the year is flying!!

Assessment time again for us!! How do you assess Composing/Decomposing Numbers and Understanding Place Value??? Our Kiddos have been playing an awesome game from Envision Math Centers! They are having a blast. You could play it even if you don't have Envision Math.

What do you need??
Each group needs
A 100 chart
2 sets of Number tiles/cards 1-9 in a baggy
Base 10 blocks

How do you play??
Students take turns pulling out 2 number tiles (students can put either tile first unless it is a 0) For example, if a child pulls a "4" and a "1" out of the bag then he/she can work on the number 41 or 14.
Student places the numbers above the 100 chart
Student points to the number on the number chart
Student builds (compose/decompose) that number with the base 10 blocks (using units of 10s and 1s)
Students play until all tiles are gone from the bag.

While we are continuously observing students playing this game and working on place value in other ways, we still love having some documentation as proof that the kiddos really did or did not meet this standard.

So we made these. What do you think?? Grab them if you want.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

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