Monday, September 1, 2014

It's Currently Time!

I just LOVE Farley's Currentlys each month!  I have to say we have been MIA the last few months, because, well, people..."We always seem to be SO LATE to the party that we figure nothing's left but the solo cups on the floor and tattered party streamers!  There is no FASHIONABLY LATE with Farley.   Honestly, I am pretty darn certain there may be a race to see who can be the first to link up...and sadly to say---we are clearly NEVER EVER gonna win!  :)

But this month...we are actually linking up on the FIRST day of the month and since Farley's linky is just not popular at all (yeah, right! ;)  I think we may be link number 200 already!  Way to be early stinkin' late again to the party!  But dang it...we are comin' anyway!!!

So...without any more crazy it is!

Not sure what time zone you are in, but let's just say my husband is maybe more like cooking BRUNCH, or really---if we call it what it is---LUNCH--- in this time zone!  We went out of town for the weekend, stayed up too late every night, ran all day, and we got in last night at 2:00.  We sacked out and maybe didn't get up until after 11:00!  I LOVE THAT!!!!!!  So brunch, lunch, call it what you's homemade sausage gravy and biscuits and that's good ANY time of day!

We finally reconnected with our SC friends and hung out a WHOLE 2 days!  We have missed them so much...especially the kiddos!  It was great to just hang out by the pool, mill about downtown Greenville, hit up some restaurants, and maybe end the night with some Marble Slab Creamery ice cream!'s do nothing day!  And we are EXCITED to finally get one!!!  The end!

It's been FAR too long since we had one...and I don't like it one bit people!!!!  Gotta fix that...and PRONTO!

Uggh!  Bills!  They get in the way of everything FUN!  We have been working to pay them off for a couple of years!  We are Dave Ramsay flunkies, but I promise we are finally getting REAL close...even if we were on the Dave Ramsay...5 year plan!!!

Travel...we love it!  It's been too long!  Ready to head out and do some exploring.  Looks like Costa Rica might be up first!

So...what are YOU up too?

Link up with Farley over at Oh Boy! Fourth Grade and let us know!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

An exciting call!

Ok one last story from Vegas! We promise! Ok maybe just one more after this one, but this one is the BEST!

So, after the conference sessions there was a MEET and GREET with yummy snacks and refreshing beverages. As I was walking to the MEET and GREET, I decided to call Cristy and fill her in on the day! She was back in Georgia, wishing she was in Vegas and I was sad in Vegas, wishing Cristy was with me!!

Anyway, I was walking along and bumped into Deedee Wills. She is one of Cristy's absolute favorite TPT girls!! I quick handed the phone to Deedee!

Page and Deedee Will in Vegas
Cristy was so excited! You could just hear the excitement in her voice! TPT super stars were super down to Earth, amazingly SWEET and very informative!

Hope to see and meet more TPT and Blogging friends in Vegas next year!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A little inspiration!

Need a little inspiration?? Have you have ever had a bad day at school or wondered why you do what you do?
Here are 2 awesome videos to help you remember why you have the best job in the world! You are a teacher!! YOU make a DIFFERENCE!!! YOU MATTER!!!

For Students and Teachers!

A Pep Talk!

Let us know what you think about Kid President!! We think he is pretty special and AWESOME!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

TpT BOOST Sale - August 20th ONLY!

How much do we LOVE TpT?  They knew some teachers were not even THINKING about back to school a few weeks ago.

So what do they do...throw a 1 day BOOST sale to help out all those teachers just now planning on heading back for a brand new year!

And let's be honest...we've been back 2 1/2 weeks and are just now getting the dust to settle and figure out EXACTLY what resources we need for our NEW littles!  Thank goodness we have 1 more shot at some great deals here at the beginning of the year!

We are offering 20% off ALL of our products in our store...and we mean ALL of them...even bundles that are already marked at a 20+% savings off the individual packs!

Enter code BOOST at checkout and you'll save another 10% off the sale prices courtesy of TPT!

That's a TOTAL of 28% off ALL products and you end up saving about 40%+ on our bundles!  

Here are some items that may be perfect for back to school...

SAVE A TON!!! (40+%)

SAVE A LOT! (28%) 

We hope you snag some great deals that get your year started out right!  Happy shopping!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Meet the Teacher {LINKY}

Hi Friends! We are so excited to join Stephanie in her Meet the Teacher Linky! Thanks Stephanie for hosting this cool party! We love learning about blogging friends and are excited to share a little about ourselves

Cristy and I are MOMS to BOYS and we love it!! We are queens in our castles, just ask our husbands. Well maybe don't ask them, they might not support out position!

Anyway this is our 18th year in education! Time really flies when you are having fun! We both ended up in the teaching field after a round about kind a way- via the business world, then back to school and into a classroom. Cristy has been a an instructional coach and a classroom during her career and I have been a classroom teacher. However,  about a month ago I headed to the office to try out the assistant principal position!

We love running and complaining about not being the size we like!! I love running in a TIARA and TUTU and Cristy loves running through OBSTACLES and MUD!!
We also love bright colored anything! We love polka dots and chevron patterns!
We love containers, bags, and also those bright colored sharpies!
Check out Cristy's book nook and wall of wonderful work! Gorgeous!!

We would probably be stay at home moms, except that is way toooo hard. It is much easier to go to school  and wrangle 22 kinders than it is to stay at home with your own kiddos!
Maybe we would be flight attendants jet setting around the world!

Hardworking. Passionate. Fun!  
"Please, can we go to school 365 days out of the year!"

We love Stephanie's answer from Falling into First!  Justin Timberlake is a cutie and can sing and dance!

Tales from Kindergarten Squared: Twice the fun, Twice the Ideas and a little administration Flair! (Cristy came up with that title! Catchy I think!)

 We think teaching really is our SUPERPOWER!  We are so grateful to have it and love our kiddos, parents, and school!

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go! -Dr. Seuss.

We could never be on American Idol! Neither one of us can even carry a tune in a bucket! We do love some singing in k though! But, our babies are not like Simon C. they think we sing beautifully and would never say anything to hurt our feelings!
We used to be NIGHT OWLS, but we think our age is slowing us down. We are having definite troubles because lately it is hard for us to stay up late or get up early!
We love our new Back to School Galore Packs. They are super cute AND filled with great things to help your kiddos learn about each other, learn about you and school!!

Tomorrow is Cristy's birthday! Happy Birthday Cristy! 

We are linking up with Stephanie for Meet The Teacher at 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Classroom Reveal!!!

Finally...a night with a few spare minutes since school started! Holy smokes! We are a week in and we are exhausted! We have such a stinkin' precious group this year, so it makes all these crazy long prep hours TOTALLY worth it!

So...let's get on with it! The BIG classroom reveal! We sure hope you like it and snag a few ideas that might work for you too!
1.  My desk covered in polka dot fabric and purple border.  LOVE me some spray adhesive!
2.  So in LOVE with these FREE inspirational posters from Traci Bender.  They are mounted in $4 Wal-mart frames and then we added the ribbon for cuteness sake!
3.  Paper lanterns are from Party City.  The printed banner is from Hope King's Decor pack.  You'll see we used it all over the room!
4.  SWOON!  Our new class library!  Rug from Target, pillows from Wal-mart and Target, book bins from Big Lots, white storage piece from Target, and awesome black library labels from Maria Manore! 

1.  Calendar board including days of the week, weather, straws, box tops, character key...
2.  Weather chart.  This was originally pinned with no link...picture only.  And Rowdy in Room 300 remade it and shared it FREE with others. Score!
3.  These are desk name plates we created in brights, stripes, chevron, polka dots, and more.  They print 4 1/2 by 14 and we have to say we think they look pretty darn great on the tables.  
4.  Up close calendar view.  

1.  Our library check out system.  Kiddos move their clip to the "Library" tag when they head out the door.  They know that 4 names may be moved at any given time!
2.  Our cute days of the week cards from Hope King's pack.

1.  Our CAFE board headers with a couple of strategies already posted!
2.  Daily 5 labels.  We just painted the clothespins red (we tried washi tape last year which was super cute, but it kept peeling off! So sad!) and clipped them to the chart.  This is how they choose which Daily 5 they will visit each round. These signs were free, but we've had them a couple of years and can't find where we lucked up on them!
3.  Our MATH POP! cards that hang on our calendar area.  The kiddos love these and it's an easy way to quickly add in some daily math practice and review that's fun!
4. Cute 1st day photos of our sweet new littles.  The sign is from our Back to School GALORE pack!

1.  More Daily 5 FREEBIES that we LOVE!  The Mr. Check-In's and 3 Ways to Read a Book sign are from A Year of Many Firsts!
2.  We call it "The Cool Stool".  The cushion is HOT looks a little weird colored in the picture??? We use it for Author's Chair sharing and any other "I'm Special and need a special chair" kinda moments!
3.  All my 3 ring binders in cray-cray anything goes colors were driving me crazy.  This year I splurged and bought matching ones in all my classroom colors.  It makes me happy!  The end!
4.  Our alphabet wall from The Printable Princess.  These look great and I love that whenever you may just happen to permanently loose, say...the letter Hh poster...for maybe, like weeks, or even months and have probably permanently scarred you kiddos, you can PRINT another one any old time you need too!

1.  Table signs that we hung from cute and vibrant polka dot ribbon that would not cooperate at the time of this photography session and kept spinning around backwards just to taunt me!
2. Containers for holding screens and green markers for Orton-Gillingham phonics.
3. My bright blue rocker...which is covered in that baby blanket fabric (minky...maybe???) that is so stinkin' soft.  FYI---Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT sit in this chair if you are at ALL drowsy, sleepy, or even considering becoming so.  Basically...sit at your own risk!
4.  Black boxes from Big Lots for $3. Perfect size for holding pencil pouches for each table group. Coordinating table labels from Hope!  

Another inspirational poster picture just because I am so in love with them!  And here are a few of our book boxes for Daily 5 from Dollar Tree!

And...did I mention this is my NEW favorite place in my room????  In serious LOVE!  It's hard to see, but we have some clothespins lying on top of the white bookshelf.  They have ribbons tied on them to look like either a bow tie (for my boys) and a hair bow with ribbon tails (for my girls) and the clothespins are covered in washi tape (because as noted's so cute...and they won't be touching this so maybe it will stay put!).  We are going to hot glue those to the black, add their name labels, and hang student work.  I'll try to remember to add a picture when we finally have a finished product.

So that about does it!  Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fish Philosophy- A great way to be!!

Hi Friends!!  Gotta love HUMP DAY! We are about to be on the down slope of the week!!  YAY!!

So, whether you are looking for a great philosophy for your classroom, your school, or even your personal life, we have the perfect book for you! It is called FISH!

This book reminded us if you want to change the world, you have to start with YOURSELF!!

It is based on 4 principles ...

Choose your ATTITUDE (You are more likely to have a great day if you choose to have a positive attitude and have a great day)

Be THERE- (don't be thinking about other things when you are talking or working with someone)

Have FUN - (you are never too old to play and have fun)   and 

Make their DAY (do nice things for those in your life)

This philosophy was developed by the famous Pike Place Fish Market workers! The book is a quick read and could really impact you, your kiddos, your entire school, and even your family in a positive way!!
Check it out!! 

If you read this book, what did you think! If you decide to read it, check back in and tell us how it was!!

Have a great rest of the week!! 

I do love my new position, but I miss my babies and I miss you Cristy!!!