Thursday, February 13, 2014

Part II: Interactive Sight Word Flap Books, Readers, and More!

Part II: Interactive Sight Word Resources:
 Emergent Readers!

This FREE pack is for the sight word COME!  Our littles are having SUCH a hard time remembering this word for some reason.  And I swear, this word is in EVERY stinkin' book that we use to test them on fluency and comprehension.  And if they don't know it....boom!!!  It doesn't matter how well they do on everything else...this one word kills them.

So here is part 2!  You can check out Part I: Flap Books if you missed that post!

Here's the 2nd activity we included... 
Sight Word Emergent Readers---3 Levels!

Click either image to grab the pack for FREE in our TpT store!

 There are 3 versions of each reader so that you can choose the best fit for each of your kiddos. 

Level 1 has simple repetitive text. 

Level 2 has longer sentences, but still relies heavily on picture clues. 

Level 3 is the most challenging with more complex sentences. 

Students should circle the sight word come on pages 2 and 3.  For page 4, they will need to spell the word in the letter shape boxes.  

The books are made by folding in 1/2 and then in 1/2 again.  

Simply print,fold, and go!

We are creating individual packs for each sight word.  Then if your kiddos are having a hard time with any particular word, you can get the pack that works on that word.

If these work well for folks, we will bundle ALL of the sets and sell the set at a BIG discount.

Please tell us what you think of this pack. Can you see it working for your kiddos?  Is there a standard/skill you would like to see included?  We would LOVE any feedback you can give us!

We hope you enjoy the freebie!  We'll post about the last part over the next couple of days!

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