Monday, May 19, 2014

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere!!

Awesome day today!!! End of the year theme days are so much more fun when you have structure and academic goals!!

Today we used our end of the year, Bubbles are a Blast pack!

We also used our new Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere S.T.E.M. activity! It was really, really fun!

Check it out! We are giving it away to a randomly picked friend who let us what he/she thinks!!


  1. We are blowing bubbles today and would love to incorporate learning with something they love to do! I love doing STEM activities.

  2. I think the kids would LOVE this, especially here at the end of the year. Would be fun and exciting to keep them working and having fun while doing it.

  3. This looks really fun. I know the kids would enjoy the mystery!!

    Shifting Teacher K-2

  4. Thanks friends for the comments! We will send this pack for all 3 of you guys to try! Thanks a bunch!!
    Page & Cristy!

  5. Suzi, leave us your email address :).