Sunday, March 22, 2015

Standards Board for the classroom

So do you want to make your kinders take ownership of their learning?? Several months ago, we visited a K class at a great school in our system. We got several ideas, but the Standards Board was by far the coolest!!

This board will help your kinders keep track of their learning as well as serve as immediate documentation for several TKES standards. Evaluators who come to observe will see immediately goals that students have mastered and ones they are currently working on. Best of all, the standards board shows you current student data to use when meeting for parent conferences or grading for progress reports or report cards.

Don't worry about confidentiality because there are no names on the standards board, just numbers. Each student learns his/her number thereby keeping student names confidential.

Check out this adorable way for students and teachers to monitor progress.

We would love to hear about what you do in your classroom!!

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