Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sight Word Practice That's FUN

I've been out of school for 2 1/2 weeks now.  I'm not exactly sure what kinds of things to blog about since most of us like to take a bit of a break from school things...but there's just so much that I MEANT to blog about earlier in the year and just never made it to it.  SOOO...I think I will be sharing some random things that I should have shared sooner, but you can hopefully tuck them away for when you actually give a dang! ;)

One of the easiest and most FUN ways we practice sight words is through movement.  We tap the word out on our shoulder, elbow, and wrist and then slide down our arm as we say the entire word.  But I have to say that their VERY FAVORITE way to practice them is through little chants that we make up.  They love them so much, that I actually think we are going to make cards just for sight word practice and add it to our store.  We have a little FREEBIE that we did a few years back, but I think the kiddos and I have come up with a TON more over the course of the last few years.

You can grab this freebie here!

Here's a little peek at what it looks like in action!

We lovingly named this one TURTLE TIME!

The kiddos slowly crawl around while they spell the word (in this case we were working on the sight word ARE).  When they say "A-R-E spells ARE", the little turtles curl up into their shells.  

This is a great way to reach your kinesthetic learners for sure.  And of course we follow it up with some written practice as well.  Here's the Interactive Sight Word Practice Pack we used for the word ARE.  It has 3 leveled mini-readers, an interactive practice sheet, and a flip flap book.

You can grab this pack for $1.00 in our store.  If you would like to try it out first, you can snag our sight word pack for COME for free!

Anyway, hopefully some of these tips will come in handy once the school year kicks back in.  I know some of you guys are just getting started with your year...so maybe this is a post that's right on time for you.  


  1. These are great! I'd love to know what else your kids have come up with!

  2. Oh goodness..they've come up with monkey chants, ninja chants, old lady ones...We'll be sure to write a new post once we get them all down on paper!

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