Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An Afternoon to Remember

Hi Friends!! This is Page from Kindergarten Squared! In my opinion, Kindergarten is the best place to be! Even on a rough/comical afternoon, there is no other place I would rather be. So...I thought that I would share one of my most recent afternoon adventures with you in hopes to give you a good giggle and maybe get you to share some of your "fun times" with us :).

Picture this:

All 22 students sitting in their squares "completely" engaged in a number talk. Really it was a great number talk about dots and ten frames, and subitizing, and shapes and lots of other math standards rolled into one!! It was awesome. However, toward the end of our number talk, imagine a cute sweet blond friend chewing on her skirt when suddenly an equally cute friend beside her yanks the skirt from her mouth!

Immediately my cute blond friend bursts into tears and is screaming while holding her mouth. The concerned teacher that I am, of course, I rush to see what has happened. Well my friend is bleeding and holding her tooth. I quick send that friend to the sink and tell her I will be there in a minute.

Then I ask the friend next to her, who yanked the skirt, "What happened?". She told me that the blond friend was chewing on her skirt and that she just shouldn't have been, so she yanked it out of her mouth. I think, in my most serious voice, I asked what we should do with our hands and who should we worry about. My friend answered correctly by saying that she should keep her hands to herself and worry about herself. When I asked what should happen, she said, "I know... change my light to yellow, but I really don't want to!". I told her I agreed with her punishment and to take care of it. I quickly headed to my bleeding friend holding her tooth.

I then hear more crying and screaming from the other side of the room! What now you ask? Well my friend who was changing her light was boohooing because she didn't want to change her light. I told her to go get a drink and calm down.

Still my toothless friend was whimpering and waiting for me to send her to the nurse for a tooth treasure box, when what else do I hear? Yep, more crying!!!  Well a different friend, a cutie pie little boy was crying because HE was sad that he DIDN'T get to lose a tooth yet. Still more? You bet!! My friend who was crying because she had to change her light made herself so upset that she threw up!

Yikes! Fun times in Kindergarten :). While a little more challenging than usual, it was still a GREAT DAY in KINDERGARTEN!

This is my friend who lost her tooth :). Her mom said we could use her cutie pie picture :).

So Friends, the moral of the story is to build a great community of friends to keep teeth from flying in your room!! Enjoy this student interview freebie below. Just click the link!

Tell us about your adventures!!    :)


  1. Too funny! That's a big adventure for one day!

  2. love love love the interview sheet - are you are GA teacher? this fit perfectly in our FrameWorks task


    Two Fulbright Hugs

  3. You guessed it! We teach together in Newnan, GA! We are gonna try to post lots of freebies that go along with our frameworks! We also have CC Math packs in our TPT store! Almost done with unit 2! So glad you can use the interview!