Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Freebies for you!

So we are out for Thanksgiving break...but Christmas is already on the brain! 
 I CAN... NOT... WAIT to get my house decorated!!!

  The ONLY reason I haven't already thrown tinsel, sprinkled elf dust, jingled some bells, and displayed my  merriment in general is because...well...I am married to a TURKEY!  

That's right people...a turkey!  My hubs LOVES Thanksgiving best of all and he says my early decorating STEALS his holiday!  The nerve of that man!  I have friends who've had glorious trees, shiny ribbon, and candles all aglow since October 1st I tell you!!!  I am BEHIND people!!!!!!

But alas...only 3 more days....and IT shall begin!  So to keep my Christmas spirit alive...while I am patiently waiting for Turkey day to pass...we have been creating Christmas packs that make me happy.

And happy...people...that's just a good thing!  So here comes some Christmas love your way.  We posted 2 way cute freebies that we hope will help you get your Christmas on!  (Even if you're having to wait on your own turkey to start celebrating!)

We hope you like them!  Please leave us some feedback on TPT or some comments below so we can feel some Christmas love!

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