Friday, November 2, 2012

Leave a comment to win our newest math pack!

Whew! We survived Halloween week!

Time to get back to our regular business! You know...

Math ...that doesn't involve scooping seeds, weighing and measuring pumpkins, and orange festivities in general!

Reading...not including bouncing, rolling, thumpin, bumpin, runaway pumpkin stories!

And writing...all bats, pumpkins, and trick or treating are done!

We do LOVE  Halloween...but these kiddies are OFF...the...CHAIN!!! The -whole -week!

So...back to business!!!

We are just about to start Unit 3 for math.  We have been working on our newest pack for several weeks now.  I know we promised we would have it done by Monday, but it took us until yesterday.  

We are thinking the 2 day sugar coma from all of the Halloween candy we scarfed down like people stranded on an island with NOTHING to eat for years our kiddos ate could have p.o.s.s.i.b.l.y slllllooooowwwwed us down a wee bit!

Anywho...we finally posted it yesterday.  Thank you to all of you awesome followers who have bought BOTH Unit 1 and Unit 2!  We are SOOOOOO thrilled, elated, ecstatic that you like these packs.  We are LOVING them in our own rooms too!

So because we are probably just now coming down off the "sugar", and because you KNOW we like to give stuff away, and just flat out because...

We want to give this new pack away to some of you guys! 

Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think.  Be sure and include your email address in case you are the BIG winner!

We'll give the pack away to 3 of our followers!  Let's say you have until Friday to leave us a comment for a chance to win the pack.  We'll do the random generator thingy!

If you blog about our pack /mini-giveaway, please leave that in your comment too.  
We'll count your comment x's 5 for EXTRA chances to win!

We hope you are off the "sugar" too and revving up for turkey time (another wonderful excuse to eat ourselves into an oblivion!)  


  1. Cute packet! Hoping to win!

  2. Looks great; would love to win! Should diamond be referred to as rhombus instead?


  3. I would love to win your packet!! It would really help my class! Thanks for having the giveaway :)


  4. That's an excellent question. Different resources refer to the shape as a diamond, but all "mathematical" sites refer to the shape as a rhombus. They also say a square is a rhombus with 4 right angles. It all starts getting a little murky then! ;) The "diamond/rhombus" shape is not included specifically in the common core standards...but I think you are right and we should err on the mathematical side and go with rhombus! I'm heading upstairs to change it now! Thank you for keeping us honest!

  5. Your packet looks amazing! I love teaching shapes and having a shape party!

    Heather's Heart

  6. You spent a lot of time on this packet and it looks great!

  7. Oops - my email address:

  8. Looks great! We have just finished part one of our shape unit and will pick it up later in the year. This would be a fabulous resource!

    ~ Amy

  9. Hey ladies, not sure if you have given this away yet, but I would love to get a copy :)!!!!!