Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bloglovin Switch-a-roo! Follow us!

Soooo---I go away for vacation, promise the hubs no working, and then sit back and relax! Until the hubs is preoccupied with sandy children, boogie board storage dilemmas, and other vacation worries---then it's sneak in some Pinterest time, work on some TpT products time, and of course pop in on my favorite blogs---and what should happen---aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Who the heck decided to change things up on vacation week. I guess I have been under some rock(mind you, at least it's a smooth beachY kind of rock!) and missed the whole "Goggle Reader is gone come July 1st thing!!!"

So apparently we all have to change how we follow our favorite blogs!

Thank goodness for sweet folks who give easy and simple directions to the rest of us who about missed the boat!!

Ms. Jessica over at A Turn to Learn has given EXCELLENT instructions that are both quick and easy! A few simple clicks and you add all your blogs from Google Reader into their new home at Bloglovin!

This way you won't miss ANY posts from your favorite blogs!

You can also continue to follow us by clicking the "Follow us at Bloglovin" button on the top right of this page!

Thanks and here's to no more crazy shenanigans occurring while I'm on vacation! All this sneaky pinning, blogging, and TpTing can wear a girl out! ;)

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