Saturday, June 22, 2013

Surfs UP and Surprise 40th!

Happy Summer Friends (or Happy Summer Soon)! Hope you guys have been CHILLAXING! Wow the summer is just breezing past too fast! I told Cristy I was going to blog about rhyming transitions  since I have been off the grid and been a slack partner!! I bet she wishes she had a more active summer partner who was a good worker :). However, maybe I will blog about that next time, because right now I am in summer mode and just want to share about life :).

So Daytona was awesome! Very relaxing! Check out Jake! He and my nephew Hunter took surf lessons at Pure Life Surf Camp!!!! One time my sister in law and I even took a lesson from one of their Professional Surfer Instructors!! It was super hard, but we did get up surfing a time or two.
But bad news, no picture evidence!!

Let me tell you those DUDES and DUDETTES at Pure Life have supervision going on!!! I was super impressed and being a teacher, it is super hard to impress me when it comes to supervision!!

Anyway listen what happened. Jake and Hunter only did 1/2 day surf camp because they get so tired! One afternoon they still had on their camp shirt (all campers are required to wear) and they were surfing in front of our condo which is about 1/4 of mile from where campers surf. All of the sudden I see a surf instructor running down the beach toward us. I went up to him and asked him what was wrong because he looked frantic!! He said that one of the lifeguards down the beach saw some kids way far away from camp with shirts on and he thought maybe they drifted.  He said I knew your guys were half day campers but wanted to make sure they were not other campers and/or that they were safe! IMPRESSIVE!! Thanks PURE LIFE for keeping our kiddos safe while they have a blast!!

We came home from one beach trip and GUESS WHAT??

Those crazy birthday fairies (Mom, Grandmother, Aunts, Cousin, and Sis in Law) who have been sending 40th birthday cards all year from around the world surprised me with a surprise birthday party!!! My  super Mom did a fabulous job organizing everything and everyone and the other super fabulous birthday fairies did an amazing job helping Mom!!   It was super fun!!
That's me with my Bubbie (grandmother) , Mom, and Brooks!        

Let us know what you have been doing lately!! If you are going to Daytona and want info about Pure Life Surf School/Camp message us!!

We hope you enjoy some fun times with your family and friends!! Get rejuvenated for another awesome year to come with your future cool kiddos!!

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