Saturday, July 27, 2013

Common Core Resources GALORE! FREE E-Books are HERE!

Page and I have been working in our classrooms this week.  I still can't believe we actually start back NEXT week!!!!  I have some new decor changes and some revamping of some old storage.  I tell you... PINTEREST is going to put me in the poor house!!!  I'll be sure to post some before and after pictures next week.

Anyway once the dust (cleaning and otherwise!) settles, it'll be time to move on to the REAL business at hand...actually TEACHING the new littles!  We began implementing the Common Core Standards over the last 2 years.  We are feeling pretty comfortable with the standards so far, but dang it if they didn't take some getting use to.

We LOVE the new standards since they are so much more "thinking" based rather than just a bunch of facts to memorize.  We've seen a real shift from teaching kiddos "a mile wide and an inch deep" to TRULY digging deep so kiddos form BIG understandings about the world around them.  Then all the other "stuff" becomes easy to teach, because our kiddos have learned to THINK!!!!

This CAN make the common core standards seem a bit daunting in the beginning.

But...STRESS...NO....MORE!  Some awesome teachers (Tracee Orman, Deanna Jump, Rachelle Smith to name a few!) have masterminded and organized a great resource for Back to School!

The FREE Common Core E-Books are HERE!!!

You have 2 awesome books at your disposal!

Deanna organized the Common Core K-2 Language Arts E-Book!  
It should be posted ANY day now, so be on the look-out! 

Once you follow the links to the K-2 E-Books, you can then link up with any of the K-12 E-Books.  We know some of you teach lots of grade levels or have some friends in upper grades who you might want to pass on the E-Books too!

Every page in the E-Books are created by a different TpT seller.  Each page contains:

*Tips to help you implement the common core
*A FREE common core, puzzles, lessons, and more!
*Links to 1 or 2 priced products that support your implementation of the standards.

So...what are you waiting for?  Head over and snag these babies!  I already have!!!

Be sure and check out our Math E-Book page too!  You'll find our Measurement Games Freebie!

Plus links to our Top Selling Common Core Math Units (entire K CCSS math curriculum) and a FUN practice and review pack called Math POP!

Have fun and get ready to grab some awesome resources to make your back to school a breeze!!!

PS- Congrats to Maria who WON our Back To School BUNDLE!!!


  1. How about MATH POP for grade 1? :) wendy

  2. Working on that right now! It's crazy busy right now since we started back to school last week so it's taking us a little longer than we planned. Look for it in the next few weeks! Glad you like it!