Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wel-Gum to Kindergarten!

Aaaaaahhhhhh!  I am so stinkin' happy!!!!  Happy, happy, happy!

I ALREADY know what I want to do for my hall display this year!  People...we are SERIOUS about this business at our school.  I mean...we DO NOT PLAY!!!  Teachers from Pre-K to 5th pull out some great ideas year after year.  I think when we all started it was just fun and games.  Now...we DON'T PLAY!  You better "bring it" because...well...maybe we are gettin' a little knocking each other out of the way at the finish line competitive at our joint! maybe we aren't THAT bad.  But you don't want to be the teacher with the crummy display just stuck up at the last minute.  Trust me!

So...we get excited to think up new things every year.  You can check out our hall displays from last year here.  We've also done 3-D popcorn displays for "Pop on In!", Gecko displays for "Geck-on in to Kindergarten! and lots more, but dang it if I can remember ANY of them at 2 in the morning!!!

Anyway, as I was blog hoppin' the other day while it POURED down rain...allllll day....I stumbled upon this awesome idea over at Smitten with First on her THROWBACK THURSDAY post hosted by Cara Carroll over at  The First Grade Parade.  In it she talked about giving out gumballs to her kiddos on their "meet the teacher" day.  Also, she has some SUPER CUTE freebie gift tags for grades K-4th if you want to check those out.

So...once I had the idea of the gumballs, I wanted to go with that for our hall display too.  Then I remembered that I have some WICKED cute graphics by Krista Wallden and Melonheadz that would work PERFECTLY!!!  Wa-hoo!  Now I was all set to get my plan in order.  This is what I have come up with so far.  It's just my "board" that shows my layout and what we'll be doing to "make it happen".

I'll be sure to post the real hall display once it's up.  I hope it turns out as awesome as it seems in my head. (Unfortunately my IDEAS don't ever seem to look as perfect in the REAL world. Argh!)

I did make some tags to attach to the little bags of gum (since I had the super cute bubblegum graphics already!) for our class.  You can grab these up here.  Remember...if you need them for other grades you can follow the link above.
Thanks to Krista Wallden and Dancing Crayon Designs for the great graphics!

So that's it for now!  I can't BELIEVE we go back to school August 1st!!!!  Aaaaaaaaaaah!


  1. Anyway the Wel-Gum can be editable for another grade level?

  2. I would also love it if the Wel-Gum was also for other grade levels. Could you do this?