Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Boss's Day!!! AAHHH! It's Not Too Late!!

AAAAHHHH! Put on your running shoes!! Run out NOW! Well, you will only need to do this if you totally forgot that tomorrow is BOSS' Day!!

Good news for our Kindergarten team because Cristy's faithful other half has saved the day! She texted our entire Kindergarten team (yep all 6 of us) to remind us of tomorrow's special occasion!!!
GOOOOO MAPPIN!! You are the Woman!!

Anyway! What can you do that is super quick, super easy, and if you have at least a team of 6 to split it with, not too expensive!!!

So this is what we did!
We bought each super, fabulous BOSS a very cute travel, coffee mug and a $10 gift card to Starbucks!! Then we made a super cute tag!! Check it out!! If you want it, click either picture, print out and sign your name!!!

We hope our AWESOME BOSSES are not reading this post!! It will totally ruin the surprise for tomorrow!!  We love our BOSSES!!

If you're the BOSS, Happy Boss's Day!!
If you're not the BOSS, hope your BOSS has a happy day!!
Hope this helps you stay on the GOOD LIST!!!

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