Sunday, November 24, 2013


We are so thankful that we made it through our last week!! It was crazy! The stomach bug that circulated our school was KILLER! Just ask Cristy!

Cristy caught it the morning of her Harvest Feast!! Yep, the one where she had 40 parents coming to her classroom! NO worries!! Her faithful/fabulous assistant ran the show like a champ! The kiddos still cut veggies, mixed the stew, made piki bread and homemade butter!! It was awesome! We tried to help, but Mappin had everything under control!

The only thing I was able to help with was to put pictures that Mappin took into a photo story so parents could see all of the preparation that went into the special feast!!

However, I am pretty sure that is what led to my demise!! I used Cristy's computer! AAAHHHHHHHH!!! Yes, I used it the very day she woke up tossing all her cookies!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Yuck!!

I have always heard that the worst germs are on phones and computers!! Well, I was fine Tuesday, but all day Wednesday, my tummy felt a little SQUEEZY! You know like Junie B. felt in Stinky Smelly Bus.  No time for sickness!! My Harvest Feast was Thursday!! I was terrified!! I gave myself a couple hours to be sick before I willed myself to PRESS ON!

So, I made it through my Feast! Yay!! And, even made it to the Thursday, 8:30pm showing of Hunger Games!! Loved it, but hated how it left me hanging, even though I knew it would!!!!

So what is the take away from this post???? Well, I think it should be, don't use any one's computer if they are out sick or wipe down your computer often to avoid scary germs!

Also about Junie B.!! We were so sad to hear about Barbara Parks!! We do love us some Junie B. Jones!

More about being THANKFUL...
We are so thankful for...
A great school
Fabulous assistants who are great friends and awesome with the kiddos (they read our minds)
Awesome kiddos and their families
Supportive administration
Plenty of resources
A blog where we share our Tales from K
Blog followers who support and understand what happens everyday in the classroom
And each other!!!
We make each other be the best that we can possibly be and it's AWESOME!!

Thanks friends!! Have a great week!

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  1. What a cute post! The harvest looks like so much fun! I was also sorry to hear about Barbara Parks. :( I am also so grateful for the blogging community-learn so much from you guys! :)