Monday, November 18, 2013

Turkey Trivets...SO Stinkin' Cute!

So it's been crazy around here.  Been planning my parents 50th wedding anniversary party, oldest kiddo just finished football season (Superbowl Champs!  Woot-Woot!), and the general madness of school, sick kiddos, holidays...

We are trying to get back on the BLOGGING BANDWAGON!!!

So this week is our Harvest Soup Celebration.  We love to have the kiddos make something to give to their parents as a treasure to remember the event.  You still have 4 days (or more) to make these super cuties yourself.  They are easy peasy!

Materials Needed:
6 x 6 tiles (We use 45 cent off-white tiles from Lowe's)
Acrylic Paints (yellow, green, orange, red, and brown)
Sharpies Markers
Clear Acrylic Spray

Paint the kiddos hand (brown palm and different colors on fingers).  Let it dry.
  Then have them use Sharpie Markers to add the eye, beak, waddle, and legs.
Then use a black Sharpie to sign their name and date it.
After it's all dry, give the tiles a light coat of the Acrylic Spray to seal it all in.

That's it!  So easy, and so stinkin' cute!

Parents can stand this on a picture easel, use them as a real trivet, or tuck away for safe keeping.

Happy Turkey Day!

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