Sunday, December 15, 2013

Merry Christmas Sale!

Friends---it's HERE!  It's really finally here!  CHRIST-MAAAAAS!!!!

We have our last week of school coming up, and then it's nothing but snuggling with family, wrapping, decorating, baking, churching, caroling, and celebrating!

BUT---there's still that last little week to get through!  Now don't get us wrong, we LOVE our littles, but you know, you KNOW how cray-cray it all gets that LAST week!!!

So to help you keep your littles in line, we are putting our store on sale for the next 3 days (15% off of everything!) to help you grab some last minute lessons to keep your kiddos focused!  We are ALL about some holiday fun, but as we say "FUN does NOT equal CRAZY!!!"  SOOOO we try to mix in lots of holiday activities throughout the week, but make sure they involve reading, writing, crafting all mixed in to keep some semblance of SANITY!

So we hope you can find a Christmas goodie to keep your kiddos focused. Or heck, if you are crazy stinkin' organized then maybe you can find some math or winter goodies to help you get ready for January!

And if you still want some good old fashioned fun with ABSOLUTELY no educational intent AT ALL...then try out this super fun photo booth idea!  We did it with our staff this past week and it was just too fun!

Click the picture to grab these SUPER CUTE photo booth props FREE from Catching Fireflies!

We are so blessed every day of our lives and so thankful for our Good Lord above!  Merry Christmas!  

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  1. I did a photo booth with my class this past week and made a Christmas Card with the pictures. It turned out so cute!! Photo Booths are so much fun!