Friday, December 20, 2013

What??? Christmas Break, Already!!

We are so sad!! We can't imagine 2 entire weeks of not waking up early, corralling our own kiddos to get ready for school, greeting 22 school friends, writing lesson plans, making ornaments, or giving/taking dojo points!!

Ha ha, right :). Woohoo!!! Sleeping late!! Laying around in pj's all day!! Shopping and Family time!! Yahoo!!

Poor Cristy!! She is on her second round of antibiotics and steroid pack for her bronchitis. Poor friend has had a hacking cough for weeks. So I hope Cristy and Sammy (her oldest, precious baby boy) who has also been hacking feel better soon!!!

Anyway, we just wanted to check in and show you what we have been up to. Natalie my faithful pal and assistant has come through again!! Check out this cutie pie ornament that she came up with last minute because we could not find noodles for our noodle tree! Super cute!

Help needed with wreath making! I made the red wreath for Natalie. I think I finally figured out that loose loops are the key!!! My poor mom and a friend have received wreaths with tight loops and they are not nearly as cute!! Let me know if you have any tips :).

Have a great break!! We will check again soon!

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