Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Fever and STEM

Who has Spring Fever????? We do!! It is so beautiful here TODAY!! But what will it be like tomorrow??  This GA weather is crazy!!

SO we are gearing up for Spring Break!! We are trying to keep those ANGELS out of TROUBLE!! Of course they are always ANGELS and never in TROUBLE!! But just in case they think about getting ANTS in their PANTS, what are you guys doing to prevent disruptions???

Well friends, We are having a blast with STEM lessons!!!! What are we doing???

Working in cooperative groups to DESIGN, CONSTRUCT, TEST, MEASURE, and REFLECT!!!

We built houses for the 3 Pigs, bridges for the Gingerbread Man, towers for Repunzel, boats for the 3 Men in a Tub, and  traps for the leprechaun! Check out the fun!!

We asked the kids what they liked the best and most of them told us BUILDING!!
We also asked them what they liked the least and almost all of them told us it was hard COOPERATING!

Thank you Regina Davis for this super, awesome, fabulous pack!! We had tons of fun integrating language arts with STEM! Click the image below to link to this pack!

Happy Spring!! Yahoo for ALLERGIES, training for the Rock N Roll Marathon in Nashville, warm weather,  practicing for the kindergarten play and ASSESSING!!

Well we do love warm weather and training for the marathon is super exciting!! We ran 22 miles last weekend! Thank goodness that was the last of our runs in the 20s until April 26 when we run 26.2 (hopefully)!!


  1. These activities look like a lot of fun! What a great way to tie in STEM to fairy tales!

  2. The kiddos had such a blast! Regina is quite creative and we are thankful! :)