Monday, April 14, 2014

Sugar Problem & Easter STEM Project-Comments?

Ha ha!! I am blogging while my 3 year old takes a late afternoon nap!! Probably not a great idea!! I wonder who will be up with him when he is swinging from the furniture at midnight!! ME!! Yay!!!

Here is a real problem! Help!!! Please!!! Hide anything and everything with sugar!! We went on an awesome Disney Cruise and ate every dessert imaginable (including yummy Mickey bars)!  The cruise is over, but I am still eating like I am on that fabulous boat, the Disney Dream!!

I really am about to go into sugar shock!! I feel awful, but I keep stuffing my face with M&Ms, Hershey Kisses, peanut butter brownies with butter cream frosting, Cadbury chocolate eggs!!!!   Any advice with my sugar problem???? Those sugary treats listed above were just from today!!

OK, sorry to ramble about personal problems!! How about a S.T.E.M. project to go with your Easter activities??

Cristy and I decided we love S.T.E.M. lessons and maybe we can write our own! Here is our first attempt at creating a S.T.E.M. lesson. Let us know what you think. We added an emergent reader to help set up the problem.

Poor Bobby the Bunny lost his basket. He has so many eggs to deliver to friends! How can we help???

We can make a new basket for Bobby the Bunny!  We can...
Design, Build, Test, Photograph, Evaluate and Redesign a basket to hold eggs for Bobby by using only paper and tape!!

Let us know if you found any great S.T.E.M lessons! Thanks for reading!!
Ahhh! 12 day count down until the Nashville Rock and Roll Marathon!! Feeling scared and excited!!

You can grab this pack for 1/2 price for today only!  Leave a comment and we'll pick a couple of you to WIN the pack for FREE!


  1. What a great way to integrate STEM and seasonal fun! It is often difficult to think of ways to create more STEM activities in a relevant manner.

    1. Please leave us your email and we'll send it right out!

  2. Great idea! I love your mix of pictures and the font you use is easy to read. My wheels are turning trying to come up with a STEM idea of my own!! Thank you:)

    1. Thanks Teri! We are trying to come up with more too...we are addicted to STEM!!! We just emailed out the Easter Lesson! Enjoy!

  3. I am not familiar with STEM activities. This looks like a great idea. I am going to research it now. It looks like an easier way to incorporate science and math teaching points into a lesson. And I love that the students get to create a basket on their own. Will be watching for more of you STEM activities.