Thursday, January 1, 2015

One Word Resolution and Currently!!

Happy New Year, FRIENDS!! We are linking up with Primary Powers for her One Word Resolution and Farley for Currently in 2015!!

Here is our one word resolution...

Thinner is our one word resolution!! Usually when I am thin, Cristy is not at her thinnest! Then when Cristy is thin, I am well, FAT!! Well it just so happens that at this point in time we are in this fight together for health, happiness, and yes, THINNESS!!  

Cristy and I both have 2 boys!!! One on the quiet/shy side and one on the well, hmmm, oh yeah, the WILD side!! So, when they play together and are not fighting, it's like music to our ears!!!

Not sure exactly what Cristy is doing at this exact moment, but pretty sure we are both enjoying the last few hours of our break!! To be honest I am a little depressed!! I will truly miss all the snuggles, lazy days, and family time! I know we have family time while school is in, but there is nothing like vacation!! 

Cristy and I are both thankful for our wonderful families, friendships and our amazing school!! We love all of our teachers, kiddos, and school families!!

Please help!! While snuggling and having family time I have done nothing but eat (well one day I did run the Jacksonville Bank Marathon- 26.2 miles)!!! I can't seem to stop snacking on candy, cookies, and basically anything there is to sink my teeth into!!  This is an area I plan on working on very soon!! Let's say January 5TH. You have to wait and start on a Monday!

I love my Christmas tree and garland and all of the holiday wall hangings. I wish it could all stay up all year!! But, I need to get this stuff down and put away before I have a year of bad luck. AHHHHH!
I know Cristy has already taken care of all of her decor! She is just amazing like that!

The school year has sure flown by!! While Cristy and I still work at the same amazing school, my new position has made it more difficult for us to talk and plan and work together!!!  I wish the rest of the school year flies by, but plan on making more time for Cristy and I to share and plan!!

YES- We are going to eat more healthy, exercise and lose weight the right way!!

MAYBE- I am going to be more comfortable and happy in my new position as I learn more!!

I WISH- Cristy and I set up monthly meets to work on a business plan!! I need guidance and deadlines!!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. What a cute blog! Just found you through the Currently linky. I LOVE the break, too. My hubby is a teacher, too, so it's nice that we can all be home together. My Christmas decorations are down and put away. I love when they go up, but I'm happy to get them down. LOL! Enjoy the rest of your time off! I know I will!

  2. Hi there! I'm with you on starting fresh on January 5! It's too hard for me to do in the middle of a week (especially when I've been home sitting on my bum for the better part of 2 weeks!). :) I'm much better at sticking to a eating plan when I'm at work too -- no temptations sitting around like at home as I can't very well snack all day in front of my students ;)

  3. Oh how I love your polka dots!!!! Don't feel bad about your Christmas d├ęcor. I just finished taking down my outside decorations today. I love how my house looks inside and out at Christmas. I'm always sad to have to take it down too. The only thing good about going back to school on Monday is that I will be out of the house and not have the temptation of eating. I think it's time to throw some things away! Happy New Year!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  4. I'm wishing you all the best with your goals in 2015! Thanks for linking up with Primary Powers!