Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Story Retelling

I love retelling stories! Especially when the kiddos create their own costumes or puppets to do it! 

We are just starting our authors study unit. This year we are choosing to study Keiko Kaza and Kevin Henkes. We've done Mo Willems, Audrey Wood, Robert Munsch and many others in years past. This story, The Paper Bag Princess by Munsch, is a perfect way to set the stage for the unit.  We cover a TON of standards during this unit like story elements, comparing texts, tuning in to interesting words, inferencing, and so much more...including story retelling!

And here's where the puppets come in! We start with this great book because it's easy to follow, has only 3 characters, and is soooo engaging! We read the story as a whole group first and talk about the elements. Then the next day, we will re-read and complete some sort of story map.  This ensures the kiddos get tons of exposure to the book and have a good solid understanding of the story.  

Now it's time for the fun stuff. We put out all kinds of materials...scrap paper, wiggle eyes, Popsicle sticks...and let the kiddos go wild. First they decide on their groups of 3.  Then they decide which kiddo will be which character.  They each are in charge of creating their own puppet.

Next, we all become the audience and take turns retelling the story.  

The kiddos also have the option of making simple costumes and acting out the story for their retelling. 
Nothing fancy, but it still amazes us how hard they work to come up with their own designs! We give them VERY LITTLE direction, rather we ask them questions to encourage their own creativity!

This first "trial run" with The Paper Bag Princess gets them ready for their culminating project for the unit.   They will choose a book, partners, and which author study story they wish to use for their project.  Each group decides if they will present their retelling through a puppet show or play. We create much more elaborate costumes and puppets, and then invite all our families in to see the presentations!  It's wonderful!  

Maybe you would love to try it with your kiddos!  Have fun!

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  1. Such a great book! You can't go wrong with The Paper Bag Princess. What fun costumes and adorable puppets!! I bet they all loved it, thanks for sharing.
    I'm hosting a product swap on my blog and would love to have you join if you're interested!
    Have a great day! :)
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