Sunday, April 26, 2015

$100 Teacher Appreciation Giveaway!

Psst!  Hey you!  Yes, you there buried under paperwork, feeling stressed, wondering how the heck you are gonna survive the next few weeks!  To be honest, we don't have a perfect solution for you! Not helpful, right???   BUT we DO have something for you to look forward to once the smoke clears and we all check to see if we are still standing come SUMMER, sweet SUMMER!

Teacher Appreciation is right around the corner.  And we know (seriously KNOW) what you do to lift up your littles and help them soar!  It's not an easy task for sure, but one that is SO worth it!

And to make sure you know we SEE you, KNOW what you do, BELIEVE in who you are, and want to LIFT you up for all the goodness you bring to this world... we want to pamper you!  Head over to our wonderful new iTeachKinder blog to enter our giveaway for some gift cards to our FAVORITE pampering places.

Who doesn't love TARGET...I mean you can hit up their home goods section for some sweet new decor, hop over to their clothing for some cute summer swag, or hit the beach collection to get your "beach on"!

Or how about STARBUCKS...did someone say "Grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte Extra Hot...and HECK YEAH I want whipped cream!"

And AMAZON...well can get ANYTHING and EVERYTHING here!

And lastly, TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS because every teacher needs a little "please help me so I don't have to create this stuff on my own" pampering!

So please take a minute and head over to're WORTH it!


  1. Thanks Page & Cristy! I had so much much fun looking through your blog posts today.You gals have so many great ideas! :)

  2. I love your blog! You have a new follower :)
    The Teacher Gene