Tuesday, April 28, 2015

If You Give a Teacher a Gift Card...

...they'll run out like a mad woman/man and spend that sucker in 5 minutes flat...because it's SUMMER BREAK!  OK...so it's not here just yet, but people... we are hitting the home stretch here!

We can leisurely enjoy a latte from STARBUCKS, or mill about smartly in TARGET...for hours, or sleep in-sip on said coffee-order online because we like to shop whilst still in our PJ's-because we can...on AMAZON, or peruse the goodies on TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS whilst still in aforementioned PJ's!

If this sounds like a perfect way to pamper yourself just a little, then head over to iTeachKinder and enter the giveaways for the gift cards you love!  Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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