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The TRUE story of Page and Cristy!

To the tune of The Brady Bunch :)

Here's the story of a lovely teacher,
Who was teaching lots of boys and girls.
All of them were cute and bright,
Like their teacher--
The youngest one was 4.

Here's the story of another teacher,
Who was teaching very far away.
Then she moved to Newnan, Georgia
To continue teaching.
Yet she was all alone.

Till the one day when Page met Cristy,
And they knew that they were perfectly paired,
That these two might somehow form a friendship!!
That's the way that we became... Kindergarten Squared!!

Kindergarten Squared... dah, dun, dah, dun
Kindergarten Squared...dah, dun, dah, dun
That's the way we became... Kindergarten Squared!!

Hi!! This is Page and Cristy!! We know we are goofy gals, but we truly admire each other and love what we do everyday!! We look forward to sharing with you and hope you'll come along for the ride. Join us for 2 times the ideas and 2 times the fun!!  Kindergarten Squared!

Meet Cristy
So they say a picture is worth 1,000 words...Here comes about 6,000! :)
My awesome FAM!  Cutie pies Sam and Joshua and the hubs-Marcus!

Before (clean) and after (clean...not so much!)  We LOVE competing in adventure mud runs!  We have run 3, 5, 6, 8, 12, and 13 mile runs including Spartan and Marine Corp runs and Tough Mudder Challenges!  Crazy...I know!  But we have a great group of friends that run with us, and it gives us an excuse to get some quality time together on weekend trips!  Plus...me likey some ice cream, chips, and all things chocolate! Therefore...a necessity for running! ;)

I like baking and decorating cookies and cakes.  I have gotten pretty slack lately and my poor kiddos must think the oven is broken since they haven't seen a homemade cookie in months...what can I say...all my late night hours are being spent stalking blogs and playing on this one! :)

Meet Page

Here is my sweet family!! My Sweetie, Ben  is an assistant principal at a middle school in Coweta County!! My precious little fellows are Jake and Brooks. Jake is 9 and Brooks will be 2 in November. Yes, there is quite an age difference between Jake and Brooks!! We started trying for Baby #2 when Jake was in Kindergarten! Three miscarriages and 2 years later, our FAM was complete!! 
 You know I love being the PRINCESS of my castle!!

While Cristy loves to run, do obstacles in freezing water, fire and mud, I have to say I prefer running my 13 in a tiara and knee socks through Disney! Then heading around the WORLD at Epcot!! Next time maybe I will run in a tiara and a tutu!! Hope my back stops hurting. 
I am trying to train to be a running PRINCESS again!!

I am definitely an adrenaline seeker!!! In my single, before mom days, I enjoyed scuba diving and skydiving! Now I just focus on making my boys thrill seekers!! This a picture of me with Jake and my nephew, Hunter. We had a great time doing the Canopy Tour zip lines in Whitesburg, GA at Banning Mills. 
Brooks doesn't need any help with being a dare devil!! Check him out!! Probably standing on the sit and spin is not a great idea! Oh and about that paci, I am working on that!

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  1. Hi! I stopped by to check out you two because KinderLit is also owned by two teachers. But as I read your bio's, I saw that Page lives in Newnan, GA. So do I! It's definitely a small world! I taught in AZ but retired to Newnan to be close to my grandkids. Would love to visit your classroom someday - I miss the children and being with them! (But not doing all the paperwork!)