Thursday, September 20, 2012

Freebie Word Chants!

Hey bloggy buddies!

Just a quickie post to send you a FREEBIE!  Our school switched from Dolch to Fry words this year, and we are busy making the adjustment!  We've been working on creating resources for the Fry lists we'll mainly be using in kindergarten (the 1st 300 words.)  We already made Fry word packs for the 1st 100 and 200 word lists, and  we are working on the final 300.

Anywho...we try to make our Fry word work REALLY fun, energetic, and memorable!  One of our favorite things (and BY FAR the FAVORITE thing of the kiddos) is WORD CHANTS!  We have sets that we have found over the years, but we were kinda getting a little tired of the same ones over and over...we can't all love to repeat things with the gusto of a 5 year old ;) !  So...we are trying our hand at coming up with some new ones to spice things up.  Now...these may not all be BRAND NEW, but we've never seen them maybe they'll be new to you TOO!  Hope you enjoy them.  It's only 6 so far, but we have a TON more ideas.  We'll post those as soon as we get them "prettied" up!  Hope your enjoy!

Click the picture to grab your WORD CHANTS freebie!

If you've never used word chants have GOT to try it out!  We print the cards out, mount on colored card stock, laminate, and use for years!  When we introduce a new word (today it was 'like"), we write the word on the board, let students guess the word, tell them the word, and then we tap it out.  That means we say each letter while we tap our shoulder/elbow/wrist and then sweep down our arm from shoulder to wrist while we say "".  THEN it's time for WORD CHANTS!!!

Let a kiddo pick a card.  Then you follow the directions to chant the new word.  Today we chose KARATE CHOP!  Who doesn't love yelling, hitting, and kicking in class.....AND NOT GET in TROUBLE!!!!!  We chop as we say each letter, and then we chop as we say "".  And then...the kicker (hee! hee!  pun intended!), we all kick our leg out and yell "HE-YAH!"  We do each chant 3 times!  They love it and it's super effective for your auditory and kinesthetic learners!

Then we move on to all of our handwriting, sentence structure, writing that we do with our Fry pack sheets.  The WORD CHANTS are great starters to build momentum leading into the REAL work!

Let us know how these worked with your kiddos!


  1. Hi Paige and Cristy!

    These are so cute! We keep our Word Wall cheers in a Cheer detergent box. =) My kiddos love the Volcano cheer.

    I am a somewhat new follower to y'alls great blog. I would LOVE for you to hop over and visit me. I just shared some Thanksgiving *freebies* that your kiddos might enjoy. =)

    Heather's Heart