Monday, September 24, 2012

Funny Things Kids Say

Hi Fabulous Blogging friends!! This is Page! Kids really do say the funniest things! I have to share some of my favorite stories!! Here goes nothing!!

Before I begin telling stories, you will be able to see a progression through the years, simply based on the names that my little friends called me. Don't worry, they didn't call me any bad names (out loud anyway :).  When I first started teaching kindergarten, I went by Ms. Page. This was an effort to recover from being called Mademoiselle BoomBoom during my time as a kindergarten and 2nd grade French Teacher in the Model Foreign Language of Georgia! Yep, my little friends could not say Mademoiselle Broomberg (my maiden name), so they improvised!! I guess BoomBoom was an approximation :). Anyway my grown up friends got a big kick out of that name because they joked that the kids used that name because of well, my being, um... I hate even putting this in a blog, but here goes... being top heavy. You know what I mean :).

Actually one time, our assistant principal sent out an email that said, "If you can look down, right now, and see your cleavage, you might need to choose a different shirt!" While I thought that was a very humorous way to put, "cover your girls", I did tell my assistant principal that night, while running in the neighborhood, that next time she wants to tell me something, to just tell me and not address the entire staff :). She promised it wasn't just me :).
Anyway sorry for getting sidetracked! Back to my stories....

A Friend in her sweetest kindergarten voice:"Ms. Page!! My mommy fell down the stairs and now she has to walk on CRUNCHES!!!

Me to a friend at lunch: "Little friend, What's wrong? You look like you are about to toss your cookies!!"
Friend: "Toss my cookies? I don't even have cookies on my tray today!!!"

Principal: "One of your friends said the "F" word!!! Talk to him and find out what he said!"
Me to my Friend: "Friend, the principal said you used an ugly word at school!! We don't use ugly words!! What did you say??
Friend: "I'm sorry, but that other friend did FART!!"
Me: "Ok, let's not talk about that at school!!"
Friend: Would poot have been a nicer word?"
Me: "Well that is a little better."

Sweet Innocent Friend: "Mrs. Tarleton!! A friend said 2 "S" words!!"
Me: "Oh no!!! What did your friend say? Just whisper them in my ear!!"
Sweet Innocent Friend: "Shut up! Stupid!!"
Me: "Yikes! Those words are not nice are they?"

Ok! Here is the story that might be a little too risque for a blog, but it really did happen and it was very recently!!  So, I want to preface this story by saying that before this, I was pretty confident that I was effective in teaching multi-sensory phonics! I am rethinking my abilities and maybe thinking a Tier 2 intervention may be in order :). Here goes...

Cutie Pie Friend: "Dr. Tarleton!!!A friend said the "SH" word!!
Me: Oh no!!! What did the friend say?
Cutie Pie Friend: "He said. 'F**K"
Me: "Really? You are right! That is a very bad word! Go get your friend, please."
Me: "Friend!! You know that is not a kindergarten word? Right?
Friend: "Yes mam, but I meant to say Holy Moly!!

I have to tell you that I will be working on teaching the difference between the /sh/ sound and the /f/ sound. :)
I was really so shocked that the "F" word came out of that friend's mouth because I was definitely expecting "Shut up" this time! See what happens when I don't automatically think the worst!!!

I know you have some great moments to share!! Even if they are risque, just share!! Hope you got a little chuckle!!! Tell us your stories!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I love this post! I'm your newest follower! Just the other day we were talking about the "mystery poop" in another kindergarten classroom and a fifth grade teacher was like, "Whaaattt??" Only in kindergarten do we have stories like these...
    Kindergarten Schmindergarten