Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cry for Help!

Hi Friends!!  I have always known that I had some degree of ADD. However, since my second child was born, it has gotten more severe! Seriously!! I should have clued into the severity of my problem when my husband found several things in the refrigerator that didn't belong there. I am not kidding! Two weeks in a row, after my weekly grocery shopping trip, my husband found a taco seasoning packet in the vegetable drawer and then a chili powder packet in the cheese drawer. While no harm was caused, I should have taken both events as MY SIGN!!!

I have to say that last Monday was one of the scariest afternoons I have ever, ever, ever had in my teaching career!!! I walked out of the building with all my bus riders in tow! I put my daycare riders in their spot and began sending my kids to their correct bus. However, in my haste to load kids, one of my kids got on the wrong bus! It was completely my fault ! I stood in front of my friend's bus for her to get on, turned around to talk to another friend, when my bus friend got on the wrong bus unnoticed! Yikes!! I put the rest of my kids on their bus and went our grade level meeting.

What do you think happened? Yep, I got that call asking how I sent my friend home! I told the office that I put her on the bus, still not knowing it was the wrong bus. Well, to make a long story short, my baby was eventually put on the right bus and her dad followed our principal to the nearby high school to get his baby!! Boy was he HOT!!

I do pride myself in taking responsibility so I called the mom later that afternoon to apologize, too bad for me I was the first one to break the news to her! She was awesome! Told me to calm down (enjoy a cold beverage) and that everyone makes mistakes. I called the dad also. He was super, super nice. He told me he wasn't mad at me but angry because my friend's big brother had tried to tell the bus driver that his sister wasn't on the bus and she didn't listen until it was too late. Still, IT WAS MY FAULT!!

As for me, Please tell me do I need to seek professional help for my problems? Would some ADD medicine help me focus on what I am supposed to be focusing on? Please, help me know what to do!! I do not want to lose anymore kids!! I triple check each day before loading them on the bus!!!

Below is a cute way we keep track of how all our kiddos go home each day :). Feel free to make it your own :). Good luck keeping up with all your babies. If you want to handwrite your kids name on the transportation use the link below. If you want to type or change anything put your email in a comment and we will send you the publisher version or send us your email address at page.tarleton@cowetaschools.net or cristy.fogle@cowetaschools.net

Thanks a bunch :)


  1. I think you need to give yourself a break, first! Student safety is number one, but things like that happen even with the best intentions. Being one adult responsible for more than 20 children going in different directions at dismissal is a huge challenge! If you haven't already, be sure to have a chandid discussion with your primary care physician. These effects can result from more than just ADD. My brother used to do these kind of things and YEARS later he learned it was the result of a wheat allergy. So strange!!

    1. oops -- "candid" discussion (not chandid);)

  2. Thanks so much Amy. I really was mortified that I made that scary of a mistake. I will talk to my doc! Hope it is not wheat! I will be sad about that. Love me some wheat toast and multi grain pasta!