Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stomach Bug Carrying Rapscallions!

So I had BIG BIG plans for my long 4 day weekend!  Mostly hang out with the fam, go to church, see my kiddos play football, watch the Georgia game (DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED on that horrendous spectacle!), you know...just chill.

Instead my stomach bug carrying rapscallions poor sweet kiddos had a rough week with 10 of my 21 kids out with the stomach bug.  And of course, "in kindergarten we share, WE SHARE EVERYTHING!!"  (Bet Robert Munsch wasn't thinking about tossing your cookies when he wrote THAT line!)

So begins my glorious long weekend...waking up in the night, cold sweats, having crazy dreams, stomach in knots...let's just say it wasn't that pretty.

So thank the good Lord above, this one seems to have been a 24 hour bug and I am back to the land of the living...not to mention 4 pounds down!!!  Woo-hoo!  Let's hear it for the ONE perk to stomach viruses!!!

Anywho, we haven't posted in a while so I thought I would try and get up here to mission control and give something away to alleviate the guilt!  Our guilt, your gain! ;)

We just finished up our Common Core Kindergarten Math: FALL into Building Numbers to 20- Unit 2 pack!

We would love to give it away to 3 of YOU!  Please leave us a comment below that includes what you like about the pack or how you might plan on using it in your room.  Please include your email address so we can get it out to you if you are one of the BIG winners!

We'll do the random generator thing to figure out who wins...and sense we are new at all of this...we'll put the names in a hat and pull 3 out if worse comes to worse....kickin' it old school style!

We'll pick the winners on Friday the 12th!

Hope you have a SUPER Sunday!


  1. Wow, this looks amazing!! I would use this in maths centres. I hope you are feeling better.

  2. Would love to win! I love how colorful it is and that it is aligned with the Common Core:)

  3. Glad your feeling better!! But also glad that bad bug hasn't made it to my room! Don't give it to Joshua or you will share the love for sure. Joshua is Cristy's youngest who is in my class! Love me some Joshua Fogle!!

    See you Wednesday!!

  4. Meant to sign my name but forgot on the comment above!

  5. Love your fall packet. It looks fabulous. Pick me I am worthy! ;) I love the variety of activities.

  6. I'm your second half in the room. Just wanted to mention mine lasted 48 hours. So count yourself as lucky and you got off easy. Love, Christie

  7. This looks AWESOME!! I am a new kindergarten teacher and I just found your blog. :) We're just starting numbers to 20 and I would love to use these coloring, engaging activities with my sweet kiddos. My email is amyswan20 at gmail dot com Thank you for the chance to win!! I hope you're feeling better...I was out sick the beginning of the week.

  8. We couldn't bring ourselves to pick 3 of you and leave 1 ALL 4 of you are getting the pack!!! Thank you for leaving us great comments. Please let us know how you like the pack...what works, what changes you suggest...anything!