Thursday, October 25, 2012

Minions, Angry Birds, Humpty and Fruit of the Loom

Hi Blogging Buddies! We had Family Fun Night at our school this week!

 It is always so much fun to see how all of the teachers, parents and kiddos are going to dress up! We always love this event!! Well, except for the day of this big event when all of our little friends are off the chain with excitement and anticipation!

Well, and maybe the day after this event is not that great either since the kiddos are all sugared up from eating all the candy WE gave them the night before :).

By the way, why do the kiddos seem to go into overdrive when Dads come into the classroom to help with special projects, like carving awesome jack-o-lanterns? Cuh-ray-zy!!!

Anyway back to Family Fun Night. Natalie, our super creative assistant, always seems to come up with the absolute best ideas for costumes. Not only does she come up with the ideas, but also is responsible for designing the costumes, props, and everything else. She then wrangles the other Super Assistants to help with the decor!!

 What do we do, you ask? We just show up and look cute in the great costumes designed by Natalie!! Thanks Natalie, Christie, and Renee for all your hard work getting us ready for the big night :).

Check us out this year as well as a couple of other years in the past!!

2012 Family Fun Night!!

Can you guess who we are? No, sorry we are not Bob the Builders :)!




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