Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stubborn baby lambs...and a GIVEAWAY!

Hey there friends!  

Hope you are all having a GLORIOUS SUNDAY!  It's a beautiful, sunny, fall day here in lots to be grateful for!  

BUT (I know...a but...they just happen!)...I have to tell you, my youngest kiddo was not making me feel too Christian at church this morning!!!  I do the children's moments at my church and today was talking about how we are like sheep...sometimes we follow when we shouldn't, sometimes we wander too far from home, and the kicker...sometimes we aren't too smart.   The story I shared was about how if a sheep gets stuck in a hole in a fence, it will just keep trying to get through the hole even though it's not working.  Not too smart!

Well, I swear I felt like a mama ewe this morning because my youngest "lamb" was NOT COOPERATING during the church service.  He wanted!  He wanted to move to sit with his Mima (which would require crawling UNDER the pew)!  He wanted to do ALL the THINGS that he knew would get him in trouble...but dang it...he was gonna push through that hole in the fence NO MATTER WHAT! 

That boy...I DO love him...but he will wear a Mama down sometimes!  (Can you tell I just got home from church and the scenario is still pretty fresh!) honor of this being the GLORIOUS day as above mentioned...we want to give you gifts!  I told you we DO love to give stuff away...LOTS of much stuff that you may just need to buy more printer ink to claim it all!!!!  

Christi Fultz over at Mrs. Fultz's Corner is having a HUGE giveaway to celebrate her 30th birthday, but the best part is YOU GUYS get all the presents.  And what I L-O-V-E about her giveaway is that she divided all the goodies up into...

17 GIVEAWAYS!  That means you can find the RIGHT giveaway for you!  You can choose from:

Math Bundles
Reading Bundles
Science Bundles
Halloween Bundles
Thanksgiving Bundles

And our FAVORITE...WINNER'S CHOICE Bundles!!!  ( We like to choose our prizes...or maybe we are showing a little, ok...A LOT of favoritism...because we are part of--- 


 That's can pick ANY item from our store plus 4 other awesome stores.  So head on over to Christi's blog, scroll to the bottom to find Winner's Choice Bundle 4...and jump in!  

While you are there...what the hey...go ahead and get wild and crazy and find some other bundles that you love!  Happy Birthday to You!!!  Hope you win!


  1. Great post! And tell that little sheep to get his head out of the fence. =) Love you guys!

  2. Happy early birthday!!! Love, love, love how you organized the giveaway! You rock!

  3. We have to love those little sheep and remember that we are still like that too! I am just blessed by God's grace!

    If you get the chance, I would LOVE for you ladies to hop over and check out my post on Tallying Dem Bat might also like the poem I recently shared about letting our pumpkin light more reason that I am glad God scoops out all of our yucky parts. =)

    I am a new follower to y'alls blog and LOVE it! =)

    Heather's Heart