Wednesday, August 27, 2014

An exciting call!

Ok one last story from Vegas! We promise! Ok maybe just one more after this one, but this one is the BEST!

So, after the conference sessions there was a MEET and GREET with yummy snacks and refreshing beverages. As I was walking to the MEET and GREET, I decided to call Cristy and fill her in on the day! She was back in Georgia, wishing she was in Vegas and I was sad in Vegas, wishing Cristy was with me!!

Anyway, I was walking along and bumped into Deedee Wills. She is one of Cristy's absolute favorite TPT girls!! I quick handed the phone to Deedee!

Page and Deedee Will in Vegas
Cristy was so excited! You could just hear the excitement in her voice! TPT super stars were super down to Earth, amazingly SWEET and very informative!

Hope to see and meet more TPT and Blogging friends in Vegas next year!

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