Monday, September 1, 2014

It's Currently Time!

I just LOVE Farley's Currentlys each month!  I have to say we have been MIA the last few months, because, well, people..."We always seem to be SO LATE to the party that we figure nothing's left but the solo cups on the floor and tattered party streamers!  There is no FASHIONABLY LATE with Farley.   Honestly, I am pretty darn certain there may be a race to see who can be the first to link up...and sadly to say---we are clearly NEVER EVER gonna win!  :)

But this month...we are actually linking up on the FIRST day of the month and since Farley's linky is just not popular at all (yeah, right! ;)  I think we may be link number 200 already!  Way to be early stinkin' late again to the party!  But dang it...we are comin' anyway!!!

So...without any more crazy it is!

Not sure what time zone you are in, but let's just say my husband is maybe more like cooking BRUNCH, or really---if we call it what it is---LUNCH--- in this time zone!  We went out of town for the weekend, stayed up too late every night, ran all day, and we got in last night at 2:00.  We sacked out and maybe didn't get up until after 11:00!  I LOVE THAT!!!!!!  So brunch, lunch, call it what you's homemade sausage gravy and biscuits and that's good ANY time of day!

We finally reconnected with our SC friends and hung out a WHOLE 2 days!  We have missed them so much...especially the kiddos!  It was great to just hang out by the pool, mill about downtown Greenville, hit up some restaurants, and maybe end the night with some Marble Slab Creamery ice cream!'s do nothing day!  And we are EXCITED to finally get one!!!  The end!

It's been FAR too long since we had one...and I don't like it one bit people!!!!  Gotta fix that...and PRONTO!

Uggh!  Bills!  They get in the way of everything FUN!  We have been working to pay them off for a couple of years!  We are Dave Ramsay flunkies, but I promise we are finally getting REAL close...even if we were on the Dave Ramsay...5 year plan!!!

Travel...we love it!  It's been too long!  Ready to head out and do some exploring.  Looks like Costa Rica might be up first!

So...what are YOU up too?

Link up with Farley over at Oh Boy! Fourth Grade and let us know!


  1. My husband made bacon this morning & he does it much better than I do! I'm in charge of the eggs. He was wishing there were biscuits & gravy instead of eggs, though.

  2. Wow, lucky wish my husband would cook Well he has mastered warming up leftover pizza in the toaster. It stays crispy that way...haha. I am always near #100 or later too. Don't feel so bad. Hope you enjoyed your day of doin' nothin'.

    Luv My Kinders