Thursday, September 4, 2014

PBIS- Another Acronym??

What is PBIS??? Well you probably already know, but if not for my husband heading to a conference this summer and me interviewing for a new position, I probably would have no idea what that acronym stands for!

Anyway it stands for Positive Behavior Intervention System. I guess good thing I threw out that red light last year! That definitely did not qualify as Positive! Can you believe I was like Negative Nellie for 16 years!! Yikes! Poor babies!!

Love some PBIS! We are just getting started and decided to implement in phases as not to send out staff over a CLIFF! AHHHHHHH!

No we wanted this to be simple, but effective! What did we need first??? A common set of expectations around our school and community! Here is what our School Based Leadership Team came up with!

Now that we have common expectations what do we do?? We made a video of students doing things the right way and the wrong way. We showed the video on our school news show just to help our kiddos know what we expected.

What next???  Make some coupons of course! Who gets to give these out?? Teachers, administrators, counselors, bus drivers, custodians, our media specialist, etc... Basically, anyone in the VILLAGE! You know it does take a VILLAGE to raise our kiddos!!

Who earns coupons?? Anyone in the school community?? There should be rewards for everyone!! AWESOMENESS should be rewarded no matter the position (student, teacher, administrator, driver, cafeteria worker, custodian, etc...)

So, what is our last phase of implementation for the year??? A list of rewards for students and other stakeholders! Right now this is very tentative. We are still working on refining rewards and number of coupons needed for the prizes. We have asked teachers, students and are now asking you! Help us!! What are some more rewards?? How many Gators should be required at each prize level. These are rewards for students only right now! Do you have any suggestions for faculty/ staff rewards?? 

What happens after we get this rolling?? Eventually, our entire school would use a similar classroom management system (class dojo rocks)! 

We can't wait for this to be in full effect!! This is a Tier I system! We have more ideas for what to do if this does not work for all of our students. We do have  Tier II and Tier III (SST) ideas! Tune in later for those!

Thanks so much for your help!!!

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