Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Grandparent's Day Pack...Just UPDATED!!!

Just a quick post to let you know we updated our Grandparent's Day Pack.  This is our ABSOLUTE BEST SELLING product in our store!

The mini-unit includes everything you need to have a GREAT Grandparent's Day celebration with or without your grandparents in attendance!

There are poems, coupon gift books, writing about grandparents, a song for entertainment, Roll a Grandparent game, plus more!  

We also just added this adorable activity in the update!
There's also a page to interview Grandpa as well as one where the grandparents get to interview their grand kids!  How fun!

If you already own this pack, please be sure and RE-DOWNLOAD it to get all the new goodies, plus the updated fonts, borders, and graphics!  It's SOOOOOO much cuter!

Happy Grandparent's Day!!!

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