Thursday, January 17, 2013

100th Day-These Kiddos Crack Us Up!

These little people are a riot, I tell you!  What a blast!

So we celebrated the 100th Day of School TODAY!  I know, I know...100 days already???  We start school while EVERYONE else is still out partying like rock stars on  their summer breaks!

To make the day extra special, we do a TON of writing, reading, math, phonics and work these poor babies  like there is no tomorrow fun stations and have a big old 100th day celebration!

We do 3 of my favorite, play, and party!  Oh yeah...and work (not on our list of 3 favorite things, but really important none the less!)

So the party part really means we do a TON of work, but it's so stinkin' fun that they are begging to have the 100th day EVERY day for the rest of the year.  (Well except for our one little angel that we didn't fool who kept saying, "Are we done with these stations yet!" ..."Shhh baby...the rest of the class doesn't KNOW this is WORK!!!")

We have a station sheet that we created especially for the 100th day.  We have 10 fun stations.  The kiddos can complete them in any order, work with a partner or alone, and earn as many points as possible.  Each station is worth 10 points, and they have to earn at least 70 points to earn a little 100th day prize at the end of the day.

Here's our station sheet!

Some of the ideas are our original ideas.  Others we found FREE from some awesome TPT sellers!  We included links at the end of the post to the stores where we snagged some of these goodies!

Now the eating part...this is crucial for any party to be a success! ( my opinion anyways!)  The kiddos made 100th Day Trash!  It's really a trail mix sorta thing where they add 10 pieces of 10 different tasty tid-bits to make a 100 piece snack!  We just call it "trash" cause that sounds more fun than "trail mix sorta thingy"!  You can use anything, but we use small tasties like m&m's, yogurt Cheerios, raisins(this healthy crap is included against my better judgement!), mini-marshmallows, Goldfish, pretzel Goldfish, Cookie Crisp cereal, Fruit Loops, Cocoa Puffs cereal, and white chocolate chips.

But the best part of the day...BY the hysterical writing our kiddos did!  

They worked on a "When I am 100" writing piece. were crying from laughing so hard!!!

One kiddo wrote: "I will be old and wrinkly.  I will be lazy.  I will eat all the time and be big and fat!"

Another kiddo was a bit more somber about old age.  She wrote:  "I will have a lot of wrinkles on my face.  I will probably not have any teeth at all.  I will pee in my pants.  I will be almost bald.  I will give all of my stuff away."

One cutie told it like it was... goofing around here!:  "I will be old.  I will have wrinkles on my face.   I will have nasty feet.  I will have to use a cane.  I will be tired."  (Man...this little kiddo is NOT looking forward to 100!) ;)

Well...enough for today!  We hope you will get some fun ideas, some good laughs, and snag a few of these freebies for yourselves!


  1. Our 100 day is coming up very soon......thanks for the wonderful ideas. I think this year I am going to have the kids come dressed like they are 100 years old. I saw that idea last year, but it was after 100 day. Loved the writing they did! :)

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

    1. Thanks Amanda! I think this is really one of our most favorite days! The kiddos look so cute, we have a blast, and the day is a great memory for our littles! Let us know how it goes!

  2. I would be cracking up too!! They are some creative kiddos! Looks and sounds like you had a super fun day! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I LOVE Kindergarten

    1. Kimberly Ann---These babies are a riot, I tell you!!! Glad you got a laugh too!

  3. Thanks for the links for your activities! The "I will pee in my pants" comment had me cracking up!

    1. You are really welcome Liz. Thanks so much for leaving us a comment! It makes us smile!