Saturday, January 5, 2013

How to Avoid Assessing!

We just started back to school this past Wednesday with a teacher workday.!

Work Day Schedule
7:00 - Holy moley...what IS that sound?
7:01 Throw phone in  floor to make noise STOP!
7:10  Find said phone to turn off horrible noise that continues (because some moron set it to do that!-ME!)
7:15  Get out from under new snuggly blanket (with whom I have become good friends!) and step on cold floor.
7:20  Shower, throw on some jeans, kiss hubs goodbye
7:45  Drive to work with music up WAY too LOUD ( kiddos are still at home in bed...NOT FAIR!!)
7:55  Pull in to school
8:00  Socialize - Talk about  7 pounds gained over break!  YES...7!  How can I even eat that much...truly...truly!
8:30 Notice ants have attacked snack bin...How dare they!!!
8:31  Fight back!  1 point Cristy! 0 points Ants!  (That will teach them to mess with our cheese puffs!)
8:35  Eye stack of papers sitting on desk to assess and record grades. Take down Christmas decorations instead!
9:00  Clean up the room.  Notice stack of papers again. Divert eyes and keep cleaning!  Ok...well...move some things around a bit just to make me FEEL like I cleaned the's not that bad, is it?
10:00  Walk past desk.  Are those papers still sitting there?  Better tackle that in a bit!  Move on to writing lesson plans for the next 2 days.  Who doesn't love a SHORT week!
11:00 Almost lunch!  But really...those papers aren't gonna grade themselves!  Finally tackle checking papers, work samples, and checklists to get ready to enter 2nd 9 week grades.
11:45  What's that Page?  You are ready to go grab some lunch?  Am I in the middle of anything?  Nah!
12:15  Return from Zaxby's.  Eat lunch!  Still not sure where those 7 pounds came from!
12:30  No more excuses!  MUST...GRADE...PAPERS!
2:00  All papers, work samples, and checklists have been tackled!  Time to enter grades on the computer.
3:00  All grades are entered!  Well, all the ones that I have information for.  Realize I missed a few assessments.  Really...that standard is in the 2ND NINE weeks???  OK...better make a plan for that!
3:30  Plan for 1st day back with the kiddos!  "Good morning sweet babies. I missed you.  How was Christmas.  Now go get your pencil boxes and sit down!  We have some assessing to do!
4:00  Principal kicks us out of the building!  Bless you sweet principal!  Glad she makes us leave or I swear we stay until midnight!

OK...mostly productive day, but do you ever find yourself in this situation?  You collect work samples, assess all along to spread it out, make checklists, but wait until the last minute to get it all recorded and organized so that you can enter grades!  Ugh!!!  Why do we do it to ourselves!!!!!!

SO...STINKIN...GLAD that is over...well...until the next 9 weeks!!! :)

OK---So maybe we can't really AVOID assessing!  Just in case you are like us, and realized you forgot to assess one or two of those standards for report cards, here are a couple of assessment pieces we created to use with our kiddos.  Nothing fancy, but maybe 1 or 2 of them can help you out in a pinch!

Here are 2 others: 

Hope you had a great first few days if you started back this week!  If you don't start back until next week, please don't tell me!  I'll just be jealous! ;)


  1. I have had the wait til the last minute problem myself. In fact, I am on the computer this morning because I need to finish entering in my behavior grades. Even though I collect data throughout the entire quarter, I wait until a day before grades are due to start entering it into the computer.

    Thanks for sharing your assessment freebies with us! Enjoy your weekend!

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  2. Thanks for the freebies. Now I am seriously freaking out with all of the "speech" things in K. Already thinking how I can modify and accommodate. Relax. Breathe in, breathe out. We have 1 and a half years until K.