Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our New Favorite Thing!!!!  We LOVE these stinkin' dry erase CRAYONS!!!!

Who knew?  We've been using dry erase markers for-eh-vah!  But I tell you...these little crayon babies are the cat's meow!!!

Top 6 Reasons we LOVE (with a capital L-O-V-E!!!) these babies:

#6:  Because we are teachers, and that's just what we do.  Love new goodies!!!

#5:  They were given to us for FREE at a workshop!  Who doesn't love some FREEEEE!!!!

#4:  They are big and fat and big and colorful...and did we mention BIG?  They don't snap in 1/2 like most crayons!  Is it just our kiddos?  Maybe they work out or something...but they can't break these babies!

#3:  No caps to lose...ever!  These babies DO NOT DRY OUT either!!!

#2:  They come with their very own little black cleaning cloth!  Now we don't have to keep using all our tissues up!  Those things are expensive I tell you.  And on a bad day, 20 kiddos can seriously use 1,000 tissues!!!

And the #1 Reason we LOVE (with a capital L-O-V-E!!!) these dry erase crayons...

well people...

they actually are DRY (which means they don't smear ALL over the kiddos hands and sleeves as they drag their arm across their work space) and they actually ERASE (not the smeary, smudgy, leaves nasty gunk all over the work space kind of erase...but fo' real erase!)!!!

Clean, brand new game... ready to play!

Awesome work!  Not sure "hents" is a word...but darn good effort!
Look how awesome these thingys write!  Bright and bold!  No smearing!

 This is the SAME board people...not...a...trace...of....gunk...left!  LOVE!

 Boo!!  Hiss!  This is what our boards looked like before!
Still love some dry erase markers...just not in this case!!!  Did I already say... BOO!  HISS!!

 We LOVE them!    So not sure if this is a helpful post, but dang it...we just had to show the love for these babies!!!  Now RUN out and get some.  And buy some for us too if you find a good deal!!! ;)  Cause we were not paid to give our!

PS---Totally random picture coming at you!  One of my dads cows just had a new baby calf...only a week or two old.  SOOOOO cute!  Just thought you may enjoy!


  1. I have seen these before, but didn't know how well they would work. I am glad to hear you give them rave reviews! I am going to have to get some for my classroom. :)

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  2. They are the bomb!!! Hope you like them too!

  3. Love how they offer some resistance, too...builds finger strength! BUT, beware in hot temps if your building is not air conditioned...we learned that the hard way last September when our classroom was 88 degrees and humid to beat the band. The crayons were literally sweating and the mess on the hands was not pretty. :) Other than that they're great! :)

    1. Yikes! Thanks Lisa! I don't think they let our building get that hot! Well...our heat did get stuck last week and would not shut off...I am pretty sure it got close to 88 degrees!!! Thanks for the tip! I would be SAD if my new goodies perished!