Thursday, January 31, 2013

Freebie Addition Game, Unit 4, Shape Shout Out!!

Crazy day friends!! We are sending thoughts and prayers to any friends caught in the crazy, scary weather today! While we were not hit too heavily with storms, the threat was enough to send our poor kiddos into the hall for about 40 minutes during a tornado warning and delay school release time for 30 minutes!

Yikes an extra 30 minutes with our babies who did not get recess today!! NO problem! We really could use an extra 30 minutes in order to fit in everything we need! It's frustrating that everyday we have to leave out something because we run out of time. No, lie! We don't even nap!

So, you want us to stop jabbering and tell you about the FREEBIE?

Oh, yeah! We can finally wrap up our unit on shapes and start with addition and subtraction. Why? 

Well we just finished a huge, action packed unit that is 190 pages long, full of games and activities to make our kiddos and yours magnificent mathematicians!!!

If you like the sample below, just click and check out our complete preview. Oh yeah, don't forget to grab that Addition Freebie Game. Just click the game board below the unit sample and it is yours! Enjoy Friends!

Shape Shout Out!!
 My sister-in-law, in Valdosta, Georgia, sent us her pictures of her kid's shape projects that she used from our Shape Explosion: Unit 3 pack (check that out here). They are awesome!!! Sooooo creative!! 
Hope you have a great weekend!!!

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  1. I am loving your math packet displayed above. It will go in my TPT cart once I get home today! :)