Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Buy 3, Get 1 Free" and Currently!

So tomorrow is the BIG day!  My cart overfloweth!

We can not wait to grab up some goodies that we have been eyeing for quite some time now!

How about you?  Does your cart overfloweth too?

Well... if so... we hope we can lighten the load a bit! 

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On another's FEBRUARY!  And you know what that's CURRENTLY time!  We LOVE these things so darn much!  It's fun to write them, but REALLY fun to hop over to Farley's at Oh Boy! Fourth Grade to READ all of them!  We usually crack up at all the crazy things folks post! goes!  We hope you enjoy reading our FEBRUARY currently!

So who doesn't think Adam Levine is hot?  Normally I go for big burly types, solid men, salt of the earth kinda guys...but I have to tell you...if I ever switch to the lanky, tender, falseto voiced, slightly feminine guy...then ADAM LEVINE is my guy!   Something about that man just exudes sexy!  (Shhh!  DO NOT tell the hubs...please see "thinking" on the Currently!)

What are brown bag delight lunches you!  They are my new favorite thing.  Some wonderful woman decided to start a small business where she provides brown bags lunches to local school teachers each week for $5 per lunch. you know what this means!!!!  I DO NOT HAVE TO PACK MY LUNCH 1 DAY EVERY SINGLE WEEK!  And...I DON'T HAVE TO EAT THE MYSTERY MEALS FROM THE CAFETERIA ON DAYS WHEN I AM TOO LAZY TO PACK SAID LUNCH!  I am so sorry I had to yell...but that is just PURE joy and excitement coming at ya!

Any good ideas for hubby gifts?  I did find an awesome ROCK CLIMBING Groupon that I already bought for him...but now I am kinda at a loss!  HELP!!!!!

Me likey food!  Me likey to eat!  Me likey to think about what's for lunch while I am still eating breakfast!  Me no likey that I gained 12 pounds from Halloween to the current day!  WHAT???  Yes is possible to eat things...a lot of things...even if they are nailed down! ;) here we are.  Jeans are squeezing me!  Muffin top in FULL effect!  Girl scout cookies are BANNED from my home!  It's a SAD day people!  SAD, SAD, SAD!  But...alas...there is hope!  I am going to make friends with my treadmill and my tennis shoes...I promise!

And finally...what's up with that?  Smacking drives me CUH-RAH-ZY!!!!  I am not sure how so much noise can come out of a small 9 year old boy...but dang it if it's not a cacophony at EVERY meal at my home!

How's it going in your neck of the woods?


  1. I am cracking up at this post! You are too funny! You are right, we are kindred spirits not only with the food/weight issues, but also because if my marriage doesn't work out I am totally tracking down Adam Levine! Ha!
    Ya'll are my new BFF's ;)

    Jen's Kinder Kids

  2. Hahaha - I love your blog! I just found you all through Farley :) I love the idea of Brown-Bag Lunches - how cool! Happy almost Super Sunday.

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

    1. Thanks! We have fun with it! LOVE me some Farley!

  3. HAHA!! Just do what my husband and I do...we don't get each other gifts, we just cook a nice dinner, have a nice glass of wine and enjoy an evening with no kids:) That's better than any flower! LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! You have me laughing!!

    Come By and Visit My Blogs!
    ”Dots” of Fun!
    1...2...3...Teach With Me

    1. We've done that too. It's always nice to just have a quiet night together...can Adam come too? JK! :)

  4. I too think Adam is HOTTTTT...and my hubby is named Adam too:)

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

    1. Smokin' hot! That's good so you don't accidentally call him Adam and get it trouble...sweet! It's a problem when your hub's name is Marcus! ;)

  5. Please send this brown bag lady to my small town in Tennessee!!!!! I would love for someone to bring me a brown bag lunch everyday. Our school lunches are HORRIBLE this year. They charge us $3.00 and give us kindergarten size portions. Hello??????? I am an adult. I can eat more than a 5 year old..... Anyway, I am really jealous of your brown bag lunch, lol. I always ate in the lunchroom at our school and this year I find myself packing a lunch at least 3 times a week. I also hate the smacking. OMG!!!! My 10 year old daughter is the worst. It drives me insane. She has been "grounded" from chewing gum many times, lol. I really enjoyed your currently and I am your newest follower! Please come and check out my blog and follow me too. I love making new teacher friends, esp..... Kindergarten friends!
    Mrs. Janelle Bush

    1. Our wonderful brown bag lunch fairy had jury duty this week! WHAT!!!! I was devastated!!! Doesn't the government know how important and needed this woman is to us teachers!!! ;)

      Wish I could send a lunch your way! $3 is highway robbery!!!

      Heading over to check out your blog now!

  6. OH..... I also love Adam! However.... my big crush is Channing Tatum. I have crushed on him for years and after watching Magic Mike this summer I really developed a crush, lol. My husband is so jealous. ;)