Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fabulous Math Video and Fun Number Combination Stations!

Check Baby, check check baby....Oh sorry, I guess we are still singing!  This awesome song we found helps teach our new Common Core Math Standard that requires students to know when adding numbers 0-9 what is needed to make 10.

WARNING!!! This song will get stuck in your head, so if you have a tendency to lose sleep because a song constantly replays through your mind, you may not want to check out the link below.  The song is called...

What Makes 10

So this week we started stations for decomposing numbers or in the olden days we would say building
number combinations! The kids are having a blast. However today was KUH-RAY-ZEE!!! Can you say we introduced too many different stations and kids were everywhere!!! They were working hard and we love organized chaos, but today was a definite reminder that sometimes less is more :).  So below are some of our featured stations that we got from Math Their Way or the Frameworks from Common Core. 

We did make our own recording forms for stations so that all the kids could use the same form no matter what math manipulative they were using.  The only time they need a different form is when they move up to building combinations for the next number. We start everyone at 4 and test them for fluency after completing 2-4 stations. They advance at their own pace. If you need cards to track the numbers that your kiddos are working on or forms for stations, check out our....

Happy Birthday Jake!! He turns 10 years old today!! I can't believe double digits!! Yikes!! I am so lucky to be his mom!! He is a fabulous kiddo that makes us proud everyday!! Love our Jake! (Love our Brooks too!!!)  Jake is the best big brother ever!!

Thanks for reading!!! Let us know if you have any great ideas for practicing building number combinations!!


  1. What great practice for your kiddos! This is something my students definitely need to work on. :)


    1. They are loving it too! They actually asked me for MORE math time! Wahoo!!!