Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Sugar 'Em up and Send 'Em Home" and "Soil Samples!"

We know you will agree when we say Valentine's Day should only be on a Friday or weekend.  That way we can celebrate on Friday because instead of one crazy day, we had 2!  Really it was our fault because we did sugar 'em up good on Thursday and sent 'em home. But bad news for us, the parents sent them back to us on Friday!  Hee! Hee!

Our Valentine's Day was super fun though! We did a service learning project. Before writing poems, we listed all the staff in our school who work hard, but may not have their own class  like the nurse, janitors, principal, etc... Our list included 30 staff members. The kiddos wrote poems using the Roses are Red format except choosing anything they want to fill in that is red, blue and sweet. My favorite poem this year read:

Firetrucks are red,
Blue jeans are blue,
Donuts are sweet,
And so are you.

After the kiddos wrote their poems, they made gift baggies of Hershey Kisses to go with each poem. It was so awesome! Kids counted out bags and kisses, then cut and tied ribbons! Every part of this project was done by them. When the gift bags were stuffed and ready, we divided up into 2 groups (one group with me and one with theNatalie) and set out to deliver poems. Each child read his/her poem to a different staff member then gave them the poem and goodie bag. The staff loved, loved, LOVED this small treat!  When reflecting at the end we discussed how it felt to give the treat. The kiddos kept saying they felt happy and great! We asked why they felt that way when they didn't get a treat in return? One friend said, "Their smile made me happy because I knew I had made them smile" :) LOVE!! 

In the afternoon was our party! We had a blast decorating cupcakes and drinking pink floats with ice cream and pink soda with cute straws :). 

No worries about being sugared up and returning to school Friday because we just pretended we were scientists and collected soil samples, used magnifying glasses to observe the soil, then recorded what we observed. The kiddos did awesome and had a blast being scientists! If you would like to use our recording form, just have your kiddos collect samples, put some glue, then sprinkle a different soil sample on each side and write what they observed! Click the recording form below to grab it :).

Who is ready for Monday AND Tuesday night???? WE ARE!! Looks like Sean will have some tough times on the hometown dates!! Can't wait!! Yikes I almost forgot, you guys may have to fill me in because I will be at Disney with the husband and kiddos. Maybe Cristy will text me during the show if she is allowed to watch (hee! hee!) and keep me posted. I don't like to wait and find out when I watch at a later date. Maybe I should try to find some spoilers!!

Thanks a bunch!!

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