Friday, February 22, 2013

Winner, St. Paddy's, and Great Books!

Thanks to everyone who left us a comment about our St. Paddy's Word Work pack!  The winner is Cherie! I think she MUST have the Luck 'O the Irish! :)

If you didn't win this time, we are always giving away our new we'll cross our fingers for YOU next time!

Anyhoo, we are out for the week for winter break...and I have to say...been a LITTLE bit lazy!  Ran some errands, cleaned a few piles, decorated for St. Patrick's Day, but mostly...slept in, drank a lot of coffee, caught up on TV...not EXTREMELY productive.  But that's ok every once and a while!  Plus my kiddos actually had the nasty stomach bug for 3 of those days so I HAD to stay home and not do much, right???

Here are a couple of pictures of my St. Paddy's decorating!  Pretty cute, I think!  Do you decorate for holidays?  If so, leave us a comment and share your awesome ideas!

 I think I am going to go back to Hobby Lobby and buy a Y so that it says LUCKY on my mantle!  I think it will just look better!

I had to take the bottle outside so you could see it a little better, but it normally sits on my kitchen table.

That's my dining room next.  I swear we don't drink THAT much wine (there seem to be bottles in ALL the pictures!) but we have friends that DO!  It pays to have wine drinking friends! ;)

The tree is WAY cuter in person, it looks pretty drab in the picture...but ALAS, I have an IPhone 3 and that poor baby DOES NOT have a's sad people! :)

And lastly, here are 2 new books we discovered at our latest book fair at school. I don't think either is officially a new book...just new to us.  So in case you haven't seen them either, here you go! The kiddos think these are just too funny, and I have to say, we do too!

"Swapped at birth!"  "Princess is a pig!"  Can you imagine the headlines when there is a mix-up at the palace nursery!  Can the piglet pull off being a princess?

The Underpants Zoo
The title says "underpants"...need I say more? ;)

Leave us a comment and let us know if you have discovered any new books lately!

Hope you are having a great week!


  1. One new book I just discovered (from Scholastic) is "Give Me Back My Dad!" by Robert Munsch & Michael Martchenko

    And a great read-a-loud that is a go to favorite (great tongue twisters) is "Double Trouble In Walla Walla" by Andrew Clements. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I read this one. :)

  2. We LOVE Robert Munsch books!!!! I've never read this one! We just finished an author study in him and I think their favorite was The Paper Bag Princess, with Stephanie's Ponytail a close second! We'll have to check this one out! Thanks for the tip!