Sunday, March 10, 2013

Currently...a little late to the party!

Ok, so technically we are NOT so current since it's March 10th and Farley posted her currently linky on the 1st...but hey...don't they say it's good to be fashionably late to the party???  Well...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

So...without further ado...for fear of posting this so "late-ly" that it can't even be considered a "current-ly"...

So yeah...everybody's cracking out on a little bit of technology!  But...wait...before you yell at me for all this technology...let me plead my case!  We went to church together, baseball practice with Sam, played outside with bikes, kitties, puppies, and each other, came in...and well...everybody was ready to part ways...for a little indulgence time!  Kiddos on cartoons, husband on the X-Box, and me..well  you know where I went!  Up here to cruise around on Pinterest, check emails, and write this blog post!  For the love of Pete...I certainly didn't need to wait ANY LONGER to get the March lately currently! :)

72 degrees today!  Say what!!!!  I mean last weekend we sat out at the baseball field for 2 practices, total of 31/2 hours, in SNOW's Georgia...we are NOT prepared for this!  It's March...nearly Spring I tell you...SNOW...really????  I mean we were taking turns going to the car so that we could defrost ourselves just to get through the practice.  Kiddos were trying NOT to hit the ball because it was hurting their hands!  And!!!!  Glorious, beautiful, warm, did I say glorious...SUNSHINE!!!  Wahoo!

Sunshine= no productivity occurring!  Needed to work on our next Math Pack - Unit 5 on measurement.  Did...not...happen!  Sunshine happened!  And it was goooooooood!!!  There's always tomorrow, right?

Did a little fly-by at Lowe's today for seeds, and well...I saw a new rug I wanted for the living room, a new lamp that would look AWESOME if I bought the new rug, and of course none of it REALLY matches the colors in my current living room, so I took a quick swing by paints before the HUBS put a ca-bash on the WHOLE plan!  Money...or lack thereof...darn it!  Don't you just hate party poopers!  Off to scratch some lottery tickets!

'Nuf said!

Like cats!  To steal a line from "Despicable Me" ... "Their so FLUFFY!!!!!"  Me likey!  My little kitty, Scout, is just the bomb!  He's a fluffy sweet snugly kitty by day, and "Katniss Everdeen" by night.  That little fellow hunts birds, moles, name it...It's his if he wants it.  WAY like!

Christ...need I say more!  The man is just awesome.  Taught my littles (technically mediums - 9 and 10 year olds) at church today all about the Passover festival.  Simply amazing that he KNEW what he would be facing, but he did it ANYWAY...for me...and for you!  LOVE!!!

Technically LOVE clothes, but can't STAND, LOATHE, absolutely DESPISE washing and folding them...but LAUNDRY didn't start with a C for Cristy so I had to stretch this one a little!  Honestly...if I did win the lottery, I think I would just wear each piece of clothing until it needed to be washed...and then I would just give it away and buy something new...thus...NO LAUNDRY!!!!  EVER-------AGAIN!!!  

And if you don't mind being LATE to the party either...we need some company...then head on over to Farley's at Oh Boy 4th Grade and link up!
Oh' boy fourth grade

Well that's it for our currently!  Hope you are having an awesome Sunday.  Resting, hanging with your peeps, and just taking it all in!


  1. Well you weren't the last to post a late "Currently"! Sun was shining and beautiful here today to = no school work got done!

  2. Thanks for commenting on my post. :) As for your sunshine... I'm super jealous. We get sunshine here in Alaska regularly but it's usually followed by blowing snow. BRRR. Oh and your loathing for doing laundry is met wholeheartedly. I put off my laundry until the last possible moment which usually means I stay up one night or spend an entire weekend as a slave to my washer and dryer. :) Happy Monday!

    1. I shouldn't have said anything...temps dropped back down today and it was CHILLY!!! ;)

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one late to the party! I am also jealous of your 70 degree weather. In Ohio, it hit 55 this past weekend and I thought that was nice. I think I forget what 70 degrees feels like! Your blog is so cute- I am your newest follower!

    The Open Door Classroom

    1. Awww! Thanks Erin! We love yours too and have been following for a while! It was around 50 today but crazy windy!!! Brr! Where's my 70 and sunny??? :0

  4. I am loooving your blog and am a new follower :) I wish we were having flurries, I'm so jelly!! Here in humid, boiling Florida it is hot as ever! Yuk! Thanks for sharing your fabby fab currently :)